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Pistons High / Low: Back on (somewhat) track in Los Angeles

Film don’t lie.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Los Angeles Lakers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

After a horribly sluggish start, the Pistons finally put away the Lakers 102-97.

To the tape we go.


On back to back possessions late in the fourth quarter, Detroit ran their familiar 1-5 pick and roll and both times the Lakers attacked Reggie Jackson. This led to Andre Drummond with the dump off pass. To his credit, Dre made the right read and made the right pass both times.

Harris misses this shot and unfortunately, Morris missed the other Dre dime but that’s beside the point. Good job Andre.


If you’re familiar with the High/Low segment, the constant laid back option (by the big) to defend the pick and roll is arguably my biggest beef with the coaching staff. Want to see what an aggressive big looks like?

(I’m assuming you said yes)



Aron Baynes, in particular, was active all night defending the pick and roll and Drummond had moments too. As much as I would like to be validated and say ‘see’, the reality is that this is a bad Lakers team and you can’t do that against everyone. However, to consistently sag - no matter the opponent - is also wrong. The Pistons should attack the P&R if the opposite big (screen setter) is not a play maker.


Stanley Johnson is finally coming into his own over the past 10 days or so. Against the Lakers, he played with confidence which led to playing without hesitation.

First, an absolutely “pro” move; followed by a catch and shoot and finally a nice half hook on the rookie.

He also dabbled in playmaking duties:

Prava88 will have a more on Stanley Johnson coming later today.


You’ve got to contest this shot, Drummond.


You’ve got to stop the ball, Jackson.


Sagging the P&R. Ugh.


It’s OK if you miss a shot, just get back on defense:



Jackson hit some clutch shots down the stretch. This wasn’t one of them.

Reggie’s pulled this exact reverse layup out a couple times recently, it hasn’t worked. An aggressive Jackson is good; an out of control Jackson is bad. There is a fine line.


The Pistons are 1-0 in what could be the most important ten game stretch of the season.