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Pistons Mid-Season Report Card

We grade tough, no curves here. Check it out.

It’s been a weird season so far, and without trying it’s reflected in the grades our staff gave to the players and Stan Van Gundy. No consensus highs or lows really, lots of gray area and a ton of incomplete’s for guys who we really have no idea about yet. The grade inconsistency mirrors the team itself. Pretty fitting I suppose.

The grades were A+ to F, with A+ given a score of 4.33 and and F given 0. I tallied the scores and divided by the number of participants to get the final score. In parentheses is the high and low grade given. An asterisk after signifies that some grades were given as incomplete. Included are comments submitted about each player; good bad or indifferent.

Reggie Jackson: C- (B-/F)

“It's not easy to find your legs a quarter of the way through an NBA schedule, he was scapegoat early and didn't deserve ALL the blame. Needs better effort on D, offense is coming around. “

“The injury has clearly hampered him and he's taken too much shit. But he's been a disappointment regardless.”

“Serious questions about his conditioning.”

“Jackson's offense has been ok, but sheesh, his defense...”

Kentavious Caldwell Pope: A (A/B+)

“Developing his three point shot was his path to stardom, and he is delivering. “

“KCP has been one of the few Pistons regulars to take a step forward this season, and he's done so in pretty much every aspect of his game.”

“The shooting guard can finally shoot, and who doesn't love his defense?”

“Done everything asked of him, from becoming a more accurate shooter to finishing better at the rim in the halfcourt. Has even shown flashes of distribution off of dribble hand-offs.”

“I'm not sure what else you could realistically want from him.”

“Pistons’ MVP so far.”

Marcus Morris: D+ (C/F)

“Hasn't shot or rebounded at the same level as last year, but looks to be emerging from a long shooting funk.”

“Echoing the annoyance with his shot selection. Kinda looks like just a guy.”

“He makes a lot of tough shots, but also takes a ton of bad shots.”

“he's been missing open shots, you can't miss open shots. Plus that team leadership he displayed last season is no where to be found.”

Jon Leuer: B+ (A/B-)

“Was the most consistent front court player for the Pistons prior to his injury. His defense and rebounding were invaluable as both a reserve and a starter.”

“Good top 8 rotational player on almost any NBA team. Picks his spots, runs the floor, decent team defender. Though we still have some fans spelling his name wrong. It's not LEUER, not Leur!”

“Sure, it'd be nice if he was knocking down his three point shot better, but Leuer has been one of the few first half highlights.”

“Pleasant surprise.”

Andre Drummond: C+ (A/C-)

“Great rebounder and average at the rest of basketball.”

“Andre under-delivers based on what the Pistons ask of him, but he remains the best defensive rebounder in the league and a core offensive piece.”

“The step forward has simply not happened. Especially defensively, which was the most important part.”

“Drives me nuts with how inconsistent he is.”

“Dre deserves credit for progress in his scoring efficiency, but remains below the league average. Combined with his porous defense, it's been a disappointing first half for Drummond despite his elite rebounding.”

Ish Smith: B- (B/D)

“Great job keeping the boat afloat early, has been a non-factor in a plenty of games throughout December/January.”

“What I expected. Not terrible but a journeyman for a very clear set of reasons.”

“Limited, but can be a difference maker against most other backup point guards. He doesn't have the most fitting personnel around him most times.”

“Still have no idea why we signed him.”

Reggie Bullock: B- (A/C)*

“In his few games this season, he's brought the energy that made him a difference maker last season.”

“Please stay healthy and hit threes.”

Stanley Johnson: C- (B-/D-)

“He has elevated himself from D grade territory with his nice overall play recently.”

“Started the year tentative offensively and foul-prone defensively, dropped out of the rotation, went to the D-League, returned to the rotation, and has recently begun looking like the player Pistons fans hoped for. Been a wild ride for the young man”

“This grade is as much on SVG as it is on Johnson, it's been hard from the sophomore to get used to his schizo playing time schedule, but his defense is top level, and that shot is coming around. But boy was it hard to watch early.”

Tobias Harris: B (B+/C-)

“Tobias has been one of the only reliable players to date, his scoring is crucial, his D needs work, but he's dealt with being in and out of starting lineup beautifully, and that's what a true pro does.”

“Harris has spent time this season as a first option on offense, third option, and bench player - and has been solid in each role. His versatility is rare.”

“Rock solid usually. And I think he can do even more.”

“I still like him and think he's been fine. He's not a budding star or second option, but he's a solid NBA player.”

Aron Baynes: D+ (C/F)

“Does what he's asked to do: Set hard screens, make the occasional 15-footer, and rebound. A useful but not essential cog for Detroit.”

“What the hell happened?”

“Graded (down) on a curve based on terrific end to last season. He's been fine, but not quite the young star the Pistons need.”

“Had some good and bad times. I've wrote it before -- Aron is a nice regular season backup but not enough of a consistent factor to be a dependable playoff time rotation guy. I like the dude a lot though.”

Beno Udrih: B+ (A/C)

“Has been a pleasant surprise and you cannot ask much more out of a 3rd PG.”

“For a fella claimed off waivers two days before the opening game and immediately put in the rotation, Beno has been nothing short of terrific.”

“He's the best point guard on the roster by a mile.”

“Offered stability for the bench unit during Reggie's absence. Now offers a potential change-of-pace option at backup PG.”

Darrun Hilliard: D- (D/F)

“Has neither shown the quickness nor the perimeter shooting to be effective offensively. Lack of quickness also hurts him defensively. Not long for the NBA.”

“33% from the floor, 26% from three.”

“If Hilliard wants to hang in the league next season, his shots had better start falling in the second half.”

Michael Gbinije: D (C/F)*

“He's been ok in the D-League, but doesn't really seem to be crafting much of an identity for himself in the league.”

Henry Ellenson: C- (B+/F)*

“Hey, 18 points and 10 rebounds per game in the D-League is pretty solid! Even if it's just six games, it lines up reasonably well with his college numbers as a freshman and a nice indication that he could have a nice future as a stretch big man.”

Boban Marjanovic: B+ (A+/B-)

“Not saying he should play 30 mpg but he continues to be mostly excellent whenever given time.”

“We all need more Boban in our lives. Get him in and get him the ball, coach!”

“Though Boban hasn't been as productive as he was in San Antonio, he's still managed to make Andre Drummond second on the team in rebounding percentage. That's no small task.”

“We want more.”

Stan Van Gundy: C (B+/D)

“I give him credit for largely getting the team to defend. But the Pistons have underachieved, come out flat relatively often, had fairly consistent locker room drama, and failed to develop their own players outside of KCP. A coach deserves some of the blame for that.”

“It's tough to say how much of the team's disappointing first half is on SVG, how much on the players. But there's no question Van Gundy needs to figure some things out if this team's going to return to the playoffs.”

“Failed to address our greatest need in the off-season, is failing to show any creativity in terms of getting the best personnel on the court.”

“Always says the right things but hasn’t got the best out of his players.”


What do you all think? Did we get it right? Copy/paste the list and give us your grades. Surly comments are encouraged but keep it above board


Total sidenote: This article was put together while listening to the album Embers by the band Throwing Snow. Very solid electronic album for anyone who listens to Boards of Canada or anything on Ninja Tune. Track three is my fav.