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DBB Podcast: Trade rumors & fake trades

Jordan and Ben are joined by Jacob, who brings a list of trades to discuss.

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Detroit Pistons Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

“Let’s talk about what might be, instead of what is.”

On this episode, Jordan Bellant and Ben Gulker are joined by Jacob Kuyvenhoven to discuss trade rumors and some intriguing fake trades put together by Jacob.

Starting with the much buzzed Reggie-Ricky swap (2:50), the guys discuss issues of fit and the idea of seeing the Pistons’ starting point guard in trade rumors.

Now, onto the world of make pretend. If the team was moving on from Reggie, what about for Goran Dragic (10:00)?

What about trading the back-up point guard? Two trades involving Ish Smith have him moving to the Lakers for Los Williams (15:15) and Brooklyn for Jeremy Lin (22:25).

Staying in the backcourt, Jacob brings forward a KCP and Baynes trade. The trio debates the idea of moving KCP for a better scoring two-guard (26:15).

Ben also discusses why Aron Baynes might be expendable at the deadline (32:50). Jacob brings up a spot to trade away Baynes (35:35).

Marcus Morris has a reasonable contract, but what can he bring back in a trade (38:35)?

Jacob asks if the Pistons care about draft picks and if they ‘should’ care about draft picks (42:35).

Marcus Morris could be the type of asset to help the Pistons go younger: Like adding Mario Hezonja and a draft pick (45:50).

Next is “an interesting package for Tobias Harris” (51:10). That leads to a conversation about Harris’ value and how he fits on a championship contender.

The last trade is centered (bad pun) around Andre Drummond (1:02:25). When is the right time to discuss moving a franchise player?

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