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Pistons High/Low: A video look into Boban’s coming out party

Welcome to the season Boban Marjanovic!

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was certainly something. A 115-114 win over the visiting Charlotte Hornets was highlighted by Boban Marjanovic’s 15 points and career high 19 rebounds. The big man was a hit at The Palace (did I hear MVP chants?) and a bigger hit on NBA Twitter.

Let’s take look at how Boban (he’s a first name only guy, right? LeBron, Kobe, Magic, Boban) not only bailed the Pistons out of Drummond’s foul trouble but also made life easier for his teammates.




Boban’s efficiency as the roll man (top clip) caused the Hornets to react in ways that would give the Pistons an advantage in other areas.

In the first “Effect” example, Boban sets a screen for KCP and as he rolls towards to the hoop, Frank Kaminsky must bump Boban (due to the “Cause” success). This leaves Tobais Harris wide open for a three point shot and make.

In the second example, after a Reggie Jackson-Boban pick and roll, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is forced to chase Boban on the roll. Jackson makes the smart pass to Morris and he finishes off a scrambling MKG.


It’s been noted that the Pistons are having a tough time getting to the free throw line this year.

Enter Boban and his offensive rebounds:

Not only did Boban get to the line but he connected on nine of his 11 attempts.


This is great recognition by Tobias Harris to punish a smaller defender:

And if he misses? Look who’s there to clean it up.


In non-Boban news:

In the Game Preview, it was suggested that the Pistons should attack Roy Hibbert and Spencer Hawes - due to their incredible sagging - via 1-5 pick and roll:

Reggie vs. Hibbert:

Reggie vs. Hawes:

I honestly feel bad for bigs who must drop back instead of attacking the pick and roll. In Charlotte’s case, it’s out of necessity as Hibbert nor Hawes have the ability to attack or trap the ball handler. The P&R is a staple of every NBA offense and there are so many good to great point guards out there. Once that PG (or any ball handler) turns the corner, the big is all but toast.


It wasn’t all roses, especially that fourth quarter.

Before we anoint Boban as the savior the season, lets put things in perspective. Spencer Hawes is not indicative of NBA caliber athletes and he wouldn’t have logged so many minutes had Cody Zeller been active.

Similar to Hibbert above, Boban is not quick enough to consistently defend an average pick and roll.

In this instance he does a decent job of keeping Ramon Sessions in front of him but it’s also Ramon Sessions - who could’ve easily pulled up for a much easier shot.


Keep your feet Dre:


Darrun Hilliard would probably like to forget this game:

0-6 and a handful of defensive lapses isn’t a good look.


KCP does a fantastic job of navigating through two screens but his job isn’t quite over:

All in all, a win is a win.