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2017-18 Pistons preview: It’s all been said about Andre Drummond

Let’s make this an a la carte preview.

Christopher Daniels

We’re all out takes on Andre Drummond. Everything that has needed to be said has been said.

2016-17 Season Review

His defense was a disaster

It was a definite Low

His mentality wasn’t great

His effort came and went

He couldn’t be counted on

He went from max contract to trade block

And hope for his potential is nearly spent

Yeah, wasn’t an ideal season.

2017-18 Projected Production

But hope springs eternal.

Hey, maybe he finally has his head in the right place

We all know what he needs to do

Especially to his post up game

We’ve known about that for a while

He has his strengths and weaknesses - focus on his strengths

Going the DeAndre Jordan route would be a winner

He’s still a pretty awesome athlete

He says he can breathe better after a nasal surgery

And he could become a shooter this year! Oh, nvm that wasn’t us...

But some still think a trade is still inevitable

There’s still a lot of “ifs” with him

There’s a lot of good reading in those links, more than we can muster in the midst of Crummy Andre Drummond Season fatigue. The good news is that we finally have new stuff to look at tonight. Hopefully the highlight will be an Andre Drummond playing to his potential.


Either a good season or a new uniform.