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NBA says refs missed two key fouls against Wizards in last night’s Pistons loss

If you were upset at the officiating down the stretch last night, the league agrees.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Washington Wizards Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Pistons nearly completed a nice comeback against the Washington Wizards last night, but ended up falling just short in the final minute.

In the comments of the DBB recap, plenty expressed frustration with the officiating. The NBA produces a Last Two Minute report, known as L2M, for any games at or within three points in the final two minutes as a way to hold officiating accountable. Last night’s L2M report showed officials missed two key fouls against Pistons players, which could have been the difference.

Here’s the first play:

The play went to video review to determine possession on the out of bounds, but as the broadcast showed different angles it was clear Otto Porter got nearly entirely forearm on Avery Bradley. The L2M report said it should have been called a shooting foul, that “Porter Jr. (WAS) makes contact to Bradley's (DET) arm that affects his shot attempt in transition.”

Then there was this:

The L2M report says the officials missed a Mike Scott foul on Reggie Jackson, that “Scott (WAS) makes body to body contact with Jackson (DET) that affects his ability to secure the loose ball.” Instead, the play was reviewed and possession again was awarded to the Wizards. Game over.

It’s an unfortunate way for the Pistons to lose, but that’s what happens when you let yourselves get behind by 15 points in the fourth quarter - your margin of error can’t overcome botched calls like that. Sometimes those calls go your way, like with Marcus Morris against the Raptors last year, and sometimes they don’t.