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Watch: Avery Bradley’s game-clinching steal was the most Avery Bradley steal ever

The man is a bulldog

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons stunned the Golden State Warriors in Oracle Arena, winning 115-107 thanks to some tenacious defense.

While Andre Drummond, Anthony Tolliver, Stanley Johnson and others all played their hearts out defensively, there was no bigger defensive play than that of Avery Bradley late in the game that helped seal the victory.

With the Pistons up six, Golden State had the ball and Kevin Durant and company were shooting the lights out. The Oracle crowd was rocking and the Warriors were looking to make it a one-possession game with plenty of time left.

Bradley, however, had other ideas.

The former Celtic jumped the passing lane on a bounce pass from Steph Curry meant for Klay Thompson. Bradley poked the ball away and then fought Thompson for position.

The two were running neck and neck down the floor but Bradley kept his dribble and had his eyes on the basket. It was truly a hallmark Avery Bradley steal. The aggressive jumping of the passing lane. The quick hands. The getting into the body of his defensive assignment. And his tenacious ability to get to the basket.

The man’s a winner.

Bradley coasted in for the layup and instead of a one-possession game with plenty of time left, it was a three-possession game and the victory was all but assured.