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We already have clear winner of worst dab of the 2017-18 NBA season

Young Pistons fan hurt his head, his butt and his pride

Will the dab ever truly die?

Perhaps not. While the signature move has only been around about 2 years, most famously courtesy of Cam Newton, it has invaded all segments of popular culture. But if anything truly has the power to kill the dab it might have happened Monday night at Little Caesars Arena.

During an otherwise unremarkable preseason NBA game in Detroit between the Pistons and the Indiana Pacers, we already saw what will clearly go down as the worst dab of the 2017-18 NBA season.

I saw this live, and I am thankful DBB’s own Steve Hinson captured it in all its glory.

I don’t know this young man’s name, but I do know his pain. We’ve all tried to get in on the fun and only ended up embarrassing ourselves. Luckily, most of us don’t have a camera point us at the time with a bunch of savvy gif creators waiting to pounce.

But really it’s just another sign that dabbing needs to be left to the professionals. Let Migos have the dab. Let Cam have the dab. Lame celebrities, politicians and little kids don’t need to dab.

Once Paul Ryan dabbed, we all should have known 1. It was time to retire the dab 2. Society, as a whole, was doomed.

Of all the horrible things you’ve done, Paul. Well, this one isn’t near the top. But it’s a bummer.

But back to our young Pistons fan. While it’s easy to chuckle at such a complete dabbing failure, what you can’t see in the gif is that this kid was positively wounded. Whether it’s because he hit his head on the back of his chair, slammed his tailbone on the floor or simply that he failed on camera for all to see, the poor guy was balling when the camera cut back to him 10 seconds later. He was sunken into the arms of his brother(?) or friend(?).

Thankfully someone at Little Caesars Arena saw the poor kid in pain and cheered him up with some free swag and a visit from Pistons mascot Hooper. Chin up, little man. At least you’re not this kid.