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Watch: Key steal helps seal Detroit’s win over Boston

Avery Bradley and Andre Drummond combined for six steals

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Boston Celtics Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Drummond was everywhere on the court against Boston on Monday, and he was by far the biggest reason the Pistons shocked the Celtics 118-108. Among Drummond’s gargantuan stat line were four steals.

Dre had four steals and Avery Bradley chipped in two steals and suffocating defense on Kyrie Irving in his return to The Garden. It all culminated in a late-game tag team effort with 3 minutes to go that helped seal the win for Detroit.

Irving had the ball poked away thanks to the quick hands from Drummond. While Marcus Smart was jogging over to retrieve the ball near half court, Bradley started sprinting for the rock and got in front of Smart and had nothing between him and a fasbreak dunk. Unfortunately, the loose ball squirted out of bounds.

However, Boston had only four seconds remaining on the shot clock and the Pistons were up 106-102.

On the in-bounds play, Drummond stepped in front of Al Horford and pushed the ball up the floor. Dre went in for the dunk, was fouled for his trouble and sunk his free-throw.

Suddenly, the Celtics were staring at a seven-point, three-possession deficit. George Blaha called it the play of the game. It might be a play that helps define the Pistons’ season.

Just for fun, here is a bonus clip of the Drummond-Bradley duo at work. I’m sure by now you’ve all seen this amazing Bradley oop to Dre, but do you know what precipiated that dunk? Yup, a steal. Check it out.