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Pistons prove they are a juggernaut with a win over Celtics, plain and simple

The gaudy stats from the game really don’t do the victory justice.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Boston Celtics Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Eastern Conference first place Boston Celtics (18-4) match-up with the second place Detroit Pistons (13-6) was a fun late November affair. You really couldn’t have asked for a better game. But I have to put it out there to remind some folks – this game was the fifth game in eight days for the Celtics while the Pistons had the prior two days off. The Celtics certainly played hard and at times they played with efficiency, but a good team beats the less than rested Celtics in a situation like this, and on Monday night, that’s just what the Pistons did. Let’s get right into the individual breakdowns:

Tobias Harris

Real quick question for other teams (or for really anybody) when it comes to facing Tobias Harris this season:

How do you want it?

(Bonus points if you say it in a Reggie Jackson voice)

Avery Bradley

Just another day at work for one of the best defenders in the NBA.

If you are not sold on Avery’s DEFENSE, my advice to you would be to actually watch a damn Pistons game or two. Key in on the game – don’t be doing three different things at the same time while also diddling around on your phone. Avery means so much more to this team than what meets the eye – and that’s rather ironic because what meets the eye with Avery is pretty damn good anyway. Avery is a top three player on this Pistons team, no ifs, ands, or big buts about it. The Avery Bradley effect in Detroit is just meant to be.

It’s real.

Andre Drummond

Andre was a monster for the entire game. You guys can look up his stats for the game. As you read this you all probably know them anyway. It doesn’t really matter.

Andre played like a first team all-NBA player against Boston and all you had to do was watch the game to figure it out. No need for any box score breakdowns. It was perhaps Andre’s finest couple of hours on a basketball court. It was greatness in so many facets of the game. It’s kind of all been building up to this for Andre and for this Pistons team. Andre was just locked in. Andre is a man now, people. And, okay, maybe I’ll admit it. Andre Drummond’s potential is limitless.

Stanley Johnson

He’s probably shooting less than 10 percent from the floor in his pro career when he spreads out his legs during his jump shots.

Most of the shots end up short or are line drives of some sort. He had a couple of them in this game. That said – I LOVED the way Stanley played on offense (his defense wasn’t half bad either). It is one the best 3-for-11 shooting games you’ll likely see. Most of his shots were in rhythm, aggressive looks. He had a couple tough-luck misses. He’s playing very confident right now I think it’s safe to say.

Reggie Jackson

Just like a good doctor, Reggie was patient, friendly (those dimes bro) and smartly probing in all the right ways against the Celtics. He scored 20 points (on 10 shots) and has seven assists with just one turnover and maybe just two poor-choice shot attempts. And also props to Stan Van Gundy on managing Reggie’s minutes and when to take him out and vice versa. So far this season there’s not been a ton to complain about the starting point guard situation.

This is a beaut.

Luke Kennard

Silky gave the team a bit of a lift in the first half with seven points, and competed on defense the whole game. He’s flat-out earning his minutes and continually showing progress and confidence. Luke fits this team as a shooter and playmaker off the bench.

Right - and this won’t ever get old:

(Hat-tip ChrisBrown0914 via Twitter)

Anthony Tolliver

Tolliver was active as usual and had a fine finish on a fast break. He also had a nice sequence when he got switched onto Kyrie and forced him into a pass.

Langston Galloway

Only one stint in the game for Langston. No worries though, Langston still has more good moments to come for this team.

Ish Smith

Strong finish to the third quarter from Ish with a near block on Irving and two free throws that drew Detroit to an 86-86 tie. Not his best game but - no surprise - he battled on defense and hit some tough shots. Ish didn’t need to be really good in this game.

Eric Moreland

Great stuff from Moreland in the fourth on the boards in about a four-minute stint. He does what he does. He goes hard and he goes rough. It’s not usually very pretty. Like I mentioned some days prior, if something ain’t broke don’t fix it. The Pistons backup center situation isn’t broke. If it eventually breaks, Jon Leuer will have the chance to step up. If you ask me, things could be a lot worse.


I think there’s a sleeping giant out there and it’s called Pistons fans attending games at Little Caesars Arena. After Wednesday’s home tilt against the Suns and then after a four-game road swing in early December, the Pistons will have a decent string of home games. Hopefully LCA will have fans in the seats. This basketball team has more than earned our support.