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Pistons vs. Nuggets final score: Detroit pathetic as losing streak hits seven

Let’s pretend this game never happened

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Detroit Pistons Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit had lost six in a row entering tonight. Obviously, when looking at the schedule many of those losses were expected, but it was supposed to end tonight. Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell the Pistons to try and Detroit fell 103-84 tonight to the Denver Nuggets.

God, what a terrible basketball game.

Jamal Murray scored 28 points to lead the Nuggets. Only Detroit could lose to a Nuggets team without their two best players at home after a day off.

Nobody played with any effort, and that seems to include coach Stan Van Gundy. Everyone just looked defeated. Something needs to change and fast.

Battered and bloody after seven consecutive defeats, the schedule eases up considerably after tonight. Every early win in the season makes this cratering a little easier to take, but we’re also talking about a Pistons team that has a historically fragile ego.

A blowout win against the Atlanta Hawks, who Detroit plays Thursday, would do a lot to wash some of this stink off. Tick off a few Ws in a row and the season is right back on track.

Reggie Jackson was awful tonight with only two assists in 25 minutes. Other Reggie, as in Bullock, started in place of the struggling Stanley Johnson and played awfully tonight. Yet, somehow Andre Drummond was worse than both of them and was handily outplayed by Miles Plumlee. Only Drummond seems able to make a Plumlee look like an All-Star.

Really, just flush this game down into the deepest recesses of your brain and never think about it again. Everyone get a good night of sleep, and we’ll get back at this tomorrow.


Now take the first letter of every sentence above and realize that this is just sports. There was really only one event that truly mattered tonight. Always exercise your right to vote.