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Pistons at 76ers final score: Third quarter comeback not enough, Pistons fall 108-103

Joel Embiid and his 76ers got the win, thanks to plenty of help from the refs.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Philadelphia 76ers John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

After a strong start out of the gates for the Pistons, the lid closed and they couldn’t get stops. It looked like the 76ers were going to run away with it at halftime.

The 76ers stretched their lead up to 18 points in the third quarter. And they saw that 18 point lead disappear.

Behind Andre Drummond’s defense and an offensive onslaught from Reggie Jackson and Tobias Harris, the Pistons went into the fourth quarter tied up.

There was a potential turning point down the stretch of the fourth quarter when two huge made free throws from Drummond put the Pistons up 88-86. 76er fans were going nuts all night because apparently if an opponent misses two free throws in a row then fans get a free Wendy’s frosty and Philly fans need contrived bullcrap to get them to care.

On the inbound pass, Stanley Johnson brought the pressure from 93 feet away from the hoop so Ben Simmons swung his elbow directly into Johnson’s face. Simmons was charged with a flagrant, but probably should have been ejected.

Johnson made one of the two free throws, but the Pistons couldn’t capitalize after getting the ball back.

Every call went against the Pistons from there. On the next play Drummond was called for a blocking foul on what should have been a no-call flop.

The eventual turning point proved to come a couple of minutes later with 2:35 remaining when Embiid took a junk call from the refs to hand Drummond his sixth foul. Then proceeded to taunt Drummond on his way out.

Kinda funny, since Embiid sucked tonight. He shot 7-21 from the field and committed six turnovers. In round two of Embiid versus Drummond, Drummond kicked his ass. Dre had an excellent game, putting up 14 points on 4-8 shooting from the field and 6-8 from the line, 11 rebounds, 6 assists, 5 steals, and a block.

The 76ers coasted once Drummond was out. I guess Philly wants a rival. Well, I know I certainly don’t like them.

Oh, and Philly’s best player tonight was Robert Covington, a former Grand Rapids Drive player that only ended up there thanks to a “Hinkie Special” contract that locked him up to peanuts in one of their trademark exploitative contracts. That franchise ought to be very proud of their process.