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Pistons High / Low: Greg Monroe and Michael Beasley shoot Bucks past Pistons

Film don’t lie.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Milwaukee Bucks Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

Yeah, me neither.

The Milwaukee Bucks - led by Greg Monroe and Michael Beasley - made easy work of the Pistons winning 102-89.

To the tape!


Marcus Morris connected on four of his eight three point attempts on his way to a game high 26 points but his drives stood out:

Mook can get a shot off any time he wants but the drives and penetration will not only help him score but his teammates too:


Offensively, Jon Leuer played his part netting 15 points on 6 of 9 shooting. Leuer also chipped in with 11 rebounds:

(Defense is another story).


Andre Drummond’s 21 points and 12 rebounds seemed a bit quiet but this baby hook was in rhythm:

As was this roll to the hoop:



Greg Monroe finished with 25 points on 12-15 shooting and 13 rebounds. Monroe is certainly talented but the Pistons made it too easy for him to get good looks:

That’s just disheartening. Monroe slips past Drummond to rebound and score in a blue jersey crowd.

Below, Leuer must bump Moose on his way to the rim. He doesn’t.

In fact, Leuer runs right by him.

Here, Monroe uses his elite jumping ability to score on Drummond:

Greg would have trouble jumping over a phone book but Dre could learn and thing or two from him about using his body to create space. That was such a good, simple move.


Michael Beasley dropped 23 points on a 10-13 shooting. Leuer took the brunt of the onslaught but KCP and Morris each pitched in:

He played great but below will always and forever be the best Beasley highlight:


The Pistons were sloppy all night which included 17 turnovers, many of those being of the u-g-l-y variety:


Trouble defending the out-of-bounds plays continues to be a thing:


Below, Dre rightfully helps defending the mismatch on the post but his recovery angle needs some work:


Drummond has shown the ability to make the right pass in this situation:

As the defense converges, both Harris and Morris are open on the wings.


See you against Dallas.