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DBB Podcast: Eastern Conference Power Rankings

Jordan, Jamie and Ben run through every team in the Eastern Conference.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Boston Celtics Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

This episode of the Detroit Bad Boys Podcast is a special Power Rankings edition! Focusing on the Eastern Conference, Jordan Bellant, Ben Gulker and Jamie Delancey run down the teams from 15 to 1.

Starting at number 15, it’s the poor old Brooklyn Nets (2:25). At #14 is the slumping Orlando Magic (4:25). The streaking Miami Heat check in at #13 (8:05).

The new hipster NBA favorite is in at #12, the Philadelphia 76ers (9:35). The #11 New York Knicks might be a train wreck, but they remain in striking distance of the playoffs (12:45).

The Detroit Pistons are the #10 team in the East (15:50). After discussing their position in the East; we ask if it might be best to miss the playoffs. Ben comes in to offer a fix for the team’s identity crisis (19:10).

The Chicago Bulls are #9, for now (24:30). Jamie offers his first “Guaran-sheed” while looking at the Bulls’ future schedule (25:50).

The Milwaukee Bucks take the last playoff spot in the Power Rankings (28:25). The roller coaster season for the #7 Charlotte Hornets continues (31:40).

Now, onto teams with winning records! The Indiana Pacers, believe it or not, are the #6 team in the East (35:45). The #5 team is the Atlanta Hawks, although we’re not sure if they want to be (40:15).

The #4 Washington Wizards are strangely… good (40:00)? The Boston Celtics look like a top three team, even if we all expect a trade at some point (48:15).

The Toronto Raptors have struggled recently, but remain at #2 (52:20). Of course, #1 is the Cleveland Cavaliers (57:15). The trio force themselves to talk about them, even if they don’t like it.

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