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NBA Trade Rumors: Reggie Jackson deal to Orlando looking unlikely

Orlando and Pistons appear to be at an impasse in discussions surrounding Reggie Jackson

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Toronto Raptors Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

At this point, there is too much smoke not be to fire when it comes to Detroit’s willingness to trade Reggie Jackson. The biggest rumored interest publicly known comes from the Orlando Magic, who have reportedly had an eye on Jackson for a while.

Magic GM Rob Hennigan is in job-preservation mode, is trying to regroup after trading Serge Ibaka and knows Jackson well from their days together as part of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Magic’s interest in Jackson stretches back weeks, but more recently Marc Stein reported a puzzling possible deal centered around Jackson and Jeff Green(!) and former Piston DJ Augustin.

We also touched another another rumored three-team deal revolving around Lou Williams, Jackson, Elfrid Payton, Augustin and a first-round pick.

Now, Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today reports the Jackson trade to Orlando appears to be on life support.

The Jackson for Green and Augustin deal never really made much sense. Augustin is handsomely paid, Green is a useless expiring contract and it would seem to be the definition of selling low on Jackson. If that’s where Orlando is holding firm, it is no surprise that Detroit would walk away.

Detroit is a disappointing team having a disappointing season, but it makes no sense to mortgage any part of the future to improve from being on the fringes of the playoffs to being a solid seventh seed.

At this point, it might make the most sense to stand pat and reassess in the offseason.

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