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NBA Trade Rumors: Andre Drummond not off limits when teams call Detroit

Opposing general managers think the Pistons highest-paid player is no longer untouchable.

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It’s trade season: Rumors can come out of nowhere. People will cling to any sort of speculation and come up with all of their dream scenarios.

According to Marc Stein of ESPN, the Pistons will not discourage trade inquiries for Andre Drummond.

Stein is using very open wording with this, and there is really no indication how seriously the Pistons are about trading him. Zach Harper of Fan Rag Sports seems to think that the Pistons are mostly in the exploratory stage and not actively trying to trade Andre Drummond.

There are many factors that make an Andre Drummond deal seem unlikely. For one, he has a very close relationship with owner Tom Gores, who is going to have to approve any deal of Andre Drummond. Drummond signed a five-year, $130 million extension in the offseason; a deal that makes matching contracts difficult for teams. And, for all his flaws, there are very few big men in the NBA with the two-way potential Andre has.

However, the fact that the Pistons are now willing to listen to offers is a bit of a shift on their view of Andre Drummond. After inking his extension, it appeared that he was going to become the Pistons’ untouchable star. However, when a team is struggling as the Pistons have this year any plan can change.

Even though a deal is still very unlikely, it is interesting to hear that the team may not view Drummond as highly as they once did.

I would definitely take these rumors with a grain of salt, but if anything else comes of it you will definitely find an update at Detroit Bad Boys.

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