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NBA Trade Rumors: Pistons want first-round pick, young player, expiring for Reggie Jackson

In other words, don’t expect a Reggie Jackson trade

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Portland Trail Blazers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons are shopping Reggie Jackson aggressively, but he’s not going to come cheap. Chris Mannix of The Vertical is reporting that Detroit is asking for a first-round pick, a young player and an expiring contract.

To put that in context of the Orlando Magic, who are known to be interested in Jackson, it would mean giving up something like the Toronto pick they received for Serge Ibaka, Mario Hezonja or Elfrid Payton and Jeff Green’s expiring deal.

That would be a hefty price on a player who is struggling through perhaps his worst season as a pro and with some significant guaranteed money coming his way for the next couple of years.

It also means the Pistons still have a reasonably high view of Jackson as a player and aren’t just willing to give him away. In many ways, it reminds of of the Greg Monroe situation.

Monroe was a player Stan Van Gundy liked and respected, but knew he didn’t really fit into the long-term plans of the team. Detroit shopped Monroe aggressively but still wanted a return commensurate with his talent.

At that time, they never found a deal they liked so the organization decided to keep him. The difference between then and now, when Monroe walked the Pistons got the benefit of a large chunk of cap space. If they don’t trade Jackson it just means they’re still committed to him as their starting point guard.

Should the Pistons lower their asking price and move on? Should they hold on to Jackson, let him get healthy and see what his value looks like in the offseason? What say you, DBB?

Pistons trade deadline video

Burn it down or keep building? Are the Pistons at a tipping point as we near the NBA trade deadline?

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