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A closer look at Kentavious Caldwell-Pope’s shooting display versus the Charlotte Hornets

Keep shooting the rock, KCP!

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Detroit Pistons Leon Halip-USA TODAY Sports

We witnessed a good chunk of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope’s fourth quarter (and beyond) magnificence in the win over the Charlotte Hornets on Thursday evening from Mophatt1’s (always) timely Pistons High / Low post.

How about we take a closer look at some of KCP’s opportunities and sit back and bask in his performance.


You could say this attempt is a tad wild and deep, yet KCP is quite familiar and comfortable with this kind of shot. For a shooter there’s nothing better than feeling confident, waltzing up to the 3-point line and letting a shot fly. KCP was feeling confident indeed — and Jeremy Lamb picked him up late to boot. KCP took advantage. Though he would go on to miss five straight shots from the field before connecting on another one (shot 11/25 for the game, drained seven triples).

For those who have played competitive basketball at any level (pickup in the park / rec ball, it all counts), there are times when you really want to shoot it but know that you shouldn’t — either because it’s not going to be regarded as a good shot and you will be chewed out by a coach, maybe it’s just not your usual sweet spot on the court, or it’s not really within your range. Then there is the “heat check,” and you’re letting it fly from anywhere no matter what.

KCP was struggling in the third quarter shooting the ball, and he knew it. Thus, it seemed that he wasn’t too content on shooting this one with most of the Charlotte defense already back. He let a shot fly anyway despite a screen that had been set for him by Baynes. I’d call this display a semi-hesitant attempt from KCP. Or in other words, it’s a “proof of concept heat check” (although the two-for-one possibility may have been what KCP was thinking since the quarter was coming to a close). However, shooters need to keep shooting and KCP often does (and should).

Detroit was making their run and while the opportunity wasn’t super wide open, it nonetheless was in rhythm and it’s a shot KCP can hit. Can’t find too much wrong with this shot — maybe just that there really wasn’t anyone there to hit the glass. KCP went on to make 6-of-7 from the field to finish the game.

Not a thrilling effort on defense by Nic Batum, but let’s bask in the poetry that is KCP’s ability to rise up for a shot in very limited space and knock it down at a pretty decent clip. And behold that KCP body English too.

Once KCP got the ball you knew he was going to shoot it. Big time shot. I imagine that it’s easy to normally get around the fairly slow-footed Kaminsky on the perimeter (but who am I to judge, as I sit here stuffing my face with an ice cream bar), yet after that with the way the Hornets defense was situated the only legit option left was a mid-range jumper. No biggie. The shot was in rhythm and KCP was on a roll (literally too) anyway. Also, props to Ish Smith for quickly getting the ball up ahead to the hot player and props to Tobias Harris for working his butt off to get prime position for a potential rebound.


What else did you all notice about KCP’s performance?