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Pistons High / Low: Late game gaffes sink Pistons

Film don’t lie.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Detroit Pistons Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons took the lead late in the fourth quarter after being down by as many as 15, but an ugly sequence turned a possible win into a 104-98 loss to the Boston Celtics.

To the tape!



Kentavious Caldwell-Pope found Andre Drummond on three separate occasions:


Two identical three’s by KCP late in the fourth kept the Pistons within distance:

(On a side note, I’m not sure why they kept looking to Marcus Morris “mismatched” with Marcus Smart)


Stanley Johnson played 11 minutes and had a team high plus/minus +12.

Tobias Harris shows great patience in the face of a mismatch:


Yes, Aron Baynes helps out Ish Smith but the fact Smith held his own to help force a turnover was not lost on mophatt1:


With any Thibodeau principled defense, expect the big the fully help out on screens until the screened off player fully recovers.

When Kendrick Perkins only semi-commits to help, it leaves Rip Hamilton with an easy bucket.



Up one with a minute remaining, zero movement, and a hero shot:

Which led to:

Which led to Brown missing the “and one” but Marcus Smart rebounded the miss and was fouled, he hit both free throws giving them a five point possession.


Andre Drummond did some real positive things finishing with 17 points (8-13 from the field), 15 rebounds and a pair of steals. Per usual, that’s a pretty good line. But that shot selection needs some work.

First, Dre catches a lob (albeit a bad lob) and then drifts away from the basket instead of over powering Kelly Olynyk.

Next, (where I come from, that’s a double dribble) Drummond throws up a 14 foot push shot.

A shot selection “beef” is low hanging fruit simply because every single (star) player that touches a ball is going to have a couple shots that are questionable per game. The difference, though, is that it’s not a Kobe Bryant bad shot in that he’s shooting over a triple team. He’s not utilizing his strength - literally - and that continues to be an issue.


Out jumping in-place of boxing out still doesn’t work:


In all honesty, the missed dunk doesn’t really move the “Low” needle for me but it certainly did on social media.

Stuff happens. Keep moving, people.


Defending possessions after an opponents sideline/baseline play is a Detroit epidemic:

Per Synergy, the Pistons rank 29th in the league in defending possessions after a sideline out of bounds play and 25th defending the baseline.


KCP has a full plate checking IT but there still has to be awareness of whats going on elsewhere:

Essentially, 5-foot-nothing Isaiah Thomas took out two Pistons.


Marcus Smart makes winning plays. That’s how I would describe his game. He’s a thick, fullback-like guard who has no problem getting physical. Jackson felt it firsthand:

Makes me appreciate Smith’s iso defense.


Jon Leuer had three turnovers on the night, these two stuck out:

I can’t believe how many times professional hoopsters step on the sideline when taking on a pass. Next, throw the ball up to Dre and let him go get it. A bounce pass?