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NBA Links: Reggie Jackson and Stan Van Gundy talk shot selection

Van Gundy stands up for his starting point guard

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

NBA links are back, until they are gone again. No matter, let’s try to rev up the link train and have a trip.

Remember that questionable deep three by Reggie Jackson against Boston?

How could you not — it was only last game, but you may have already attempted to eject that shot from your memory. It seemed like an atrocious shot with Detroit up one and still 11 seconds on the shot clock. Mophatt1 called it a “hero shot.” Many others here and around the web have called it worse. However, Van Gundy is supporting Reggie and saying that he understands why he took the shot.

"I thought it was deep, I thought it was probably a step too deep," Van Gundy said. "But look, he walked right into it. I mean, it wasn't like he had any pressure on or rushed his shot. The shot wasn't contested."

SVG also added:

"I would have rather put a little bit more pressure on them, and he came to that conclusion (on his own)," Van Gundy said. "I didn't even have to talk to him today. He actually texted me (Sunday) night and said the same exact thing: that he should have gotten the pick and gotten downhill and made a play for his team."


"Was it an awful shot? No," Van Gundy said. "To me, you're getting into a 50-50 decision on guys' shots, and I don't normally get into those in terms of shot selection.

Looking closer overall at the shot/play in question, you can see just after the hoist by Reggie that SVG (briefly with his head down while walking towards the baseline) looks up and is befuddled that Reggie had already shot it. SVG clearly didn’t expect a shot that quick. Right after the game, SVG explained that he had called a play for Baynes to come give Reggie a screen.

"I'm going to be really honest here," Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy said. "I was looking down at my card -- I had already called the play, the shot went up quick and I basically said, 'What the hell happened?' I know there was plenty of time.

No matter whether you agree on Reggie’s shot selection or not (or whether SVG’s final reaction is right or not), we should give some credit to SVG for taking time to look at the play and not rushing to judgement (like calling out Reggie as selfish or something). I can see where SVG is coming from on this, it’s just that Reggie could have worked for a better shot — and SVG essentially says this much. I’d have been more OK with an off balance two rather than a deep three from Reggie. You are up one point — I just think you don’t need to settle for that kind of three at the moment. It’s the lazy option, even if Reggie has hit that similar shot many times before.

Detroit Pistons Release Plans for New Practice Facility

Via Arena Digest:

The Pistons, who are expected to move to the new Little Caesars Arena this fall, have unveiled plans for a new facility that will include the team’s headquarters and training space. The announcement was made with Henry Ford Health System, which has signed on as the naming rights partner for the Henry Ford – Detroit Pistons Performance Center

To be located in the New Center section of Detroit, the facility is expected to open prior to the 2018-19 NBA season. It will be built on a parcel owned by Henry Ford between Wayne State University and Henry Ford Hospital, approximately two miles north of the new Little Caesars Arena.

Pistons and Heat seem strong options for eighth seed

FanRag Sports has the goods on the eighth seed battle:

The Pistons were set up in the predictions of many to earn a top-five seed, but instead have reached the point where Jackson has (rightfully) received criticism for his struggles and decision-making while the limits of Drummond’s game have emphasized what this team really is: barely playoff worthy, if that.


Pistons fans don’t have too much to be excited about right now, especially after this painful shot choice by Jackson on Sunday cost them another loss in the final minute…with 59 seconds left and 12 seconds on the shot clock when they had a one-point lead. Even Stephen Curry knows this isn’t the best shot to go for in this situation, and he makes them all the time.

And how about that pesky team in Florida:

The problem that comes with this turnaround is where are the Heat headed? On the one hand, the playoffs seem attainable if this level of play is maintained (their three-point shooting has been over 40 for a lot of this stretch, but they have continued to play well in other areas regardless, albeit with a largely weak schedule). They’re only one win behind the eighth-seeded Pistons and just five behind the fifth-seeded Atlanta Hawks. After the top two seeds and especially the top four, the East is a scram.

Then, on the other hand, the Heat are going to lose what could have been a high lottery pick this year, all for a chance to take on a team like Boston or Cleveland in the first round…and lose.

Brandon Jennings will not join the Charlotte Hornets

After Brandon was waived by the Knicks on Monday, it was believed that the Hornets would sign him to backup Kemba Walker and help make a push at the playoffs (to then get walloped by the Cavs at #1, surely).

But Marc Stein reported this Tuesday morning that the Hornets will not add Brandon. They will roll instead with Briante Weber, a defensive-minded, pass first point guard who has bounced around the NBA a bit in the last year plus.

Stan Van Gundy was one of the people that erroneously thought Brandon would be grabbed by the Hornets. Anyway, please note Pistons fans, SVG said there wouldn’t be a fit in Detroit with Brandon:

“With Ish here, I don’t think it would be a fit and from Brandon’s standpoint, my guess is he wants to go somewhere he’s going to play and I know Steve hasn’t been thrilled with their back-up point guard situation there with (Ramon) Sessions hurt,” Van Gundy said.

By the way, the Washington Wizards may need a more electric (i.e. good) backup point guard for John Wall so keep an eye out for that, as Jennings has been linked to them in the past several hours. Keep in mind that quite possibly a first round series of Pistons-Wizards could materialize. Currently the Wizards sit at the fourth seed, just a half game back of the Raptors for the third seed and two and a half back of the Celtics for the second seed. If the Pistons can get that sixth seed, then they very well could be looking at a date with the Wizards.

The Most Popular Shoes And Brands Worn By Players Around The NBA

Maybe some of you are interested in basketball shoes worn by professionals. Via Baller Shoes DB:

The most popular shoe, by a large margin, is the Nike Hyperdunk 2016. Released on June 27, 2016, this incarnation of the shoe is the ninth Hyperdunk to hit the market. While the Hyperdunk 2015 was considered a “miss” by some, this year’s model clearly has gained the attention of NBA players, with 43 players, or almost 10% of the league wearing this shoe, including stars such as Karl-Anthony Towns, Kevin Love and Zach LaVine. While this number is impressive, it is a marked drop from the numbers posted by past Hyperdunk models, such as the Hyperdunk 2013, which was worn by 80 players.

Andre Drummond, for example, wears Air Jordans which are a part of the Jordan Brand.


Two very winnable games coming up the next two nights. Need ‘em!