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DBB Podcast: After the All-Star Break

Jordan and Ben discuss the trade deadline, the Eastern Conference playoff picture, and the team’s future schedule.

DBB podcast

Jordan Bellant and Ben Gulker get together for a quick rundown on all things related to the Pistons. Starting with the trade deadline, the guys look at how certain moves will affect the playoff picture in the East.

That includes Toronto adding Ibaka, right before they lost Lowry to an injury. It also means discussing the Bulls and their 'on the fly' moves to stay competitive in the East. Looking around the East, the focus turns to teams #6 through #11 in the standings, all with a chance at the playoffs.

From there, Jordan and Ben discuss the team's first two games since the break. That includes the clutch overtime win against the Hornets and the tough loss to the Boston Celtics.

Looking ahead, the schedule looks manageable but Ben tells you why that shouldn't make you think it will be "easy."

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