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Pistons High / Low: Pistons split weekend back to backs

Film don’t lie.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Pistons continued their up and down season with a 116-108 win against Minnesota at home as followed by an ugly 105-84 loss in Indiana.

If nothing else, these Pistons are consistently inconsistent.

To the tape!


I hope Reggie Jackson carried Aron Baynes’ and Andre Drummond’s bags to Indiana.

Drummond cleans up Jackson’s mess on both ends of the court and then Baynes takes out two Timberwolves’ defenders on Jackson’s way to the hoop.


If Drummond isn’t involved in the defensive rebound, this should happen every time:

Running block-to-block is easiest way for a true big to score easy points.


Marcus Morris was simply fantastic against the Timberwolves including this dagger:

While that shot is certainly incredible, relying on isolation mid-range buckets as Morris often does is wildly inconsistent night in and night out and so 1995.


Great look by Dre:

If I’m writing the Pacers’ High/Low - Myles Turner, why are you defending Dre so close?


This is good to see:

Agressive Stanley Johnson is good for SJ, the Pistons, the city of Detroit, my personal mental health and most importantly, for all of DBB.


Dre keeping it simple:

Great positioning and an immediate put back.



Karl Anthony Towns is an absolute handful in the pick and roll:

KAT can do so many things when he catches that rolling pass and if the defense is a fraction late, it’s going to net the Wolves two points.


Dre has shown flashes of high level NBA passing - key word being “flashes.” Below are two similar (not exact) scenarios with Drummond catching the ball in the paint. First, he tries to put the ball on the floor and ends up collecting a charge. Next, he catches the ball in the paint and then immediately finds the open man:

More of clip two, Dre. I’d love to see Drummond pivot and find Leuer in that first clip.



While the suit is fine, Tim Hardaway must visit a tailor. It was funny at first but now his suit game is driving me crazy. He’s a point guard wearing a power forward sized suit.


This must end with two points or at the foul line:

This too:


Such smart hoops by the Pacers:

As soon as Morris chases Paul George over the screen, PG curls and dumps off the easy pass. Two points.

Another George curl:

KCP has got to deny that pass if Morris is going over the screen.

How about one more:

Last one, I promise:


Dre must fully commit to recovering:

Tobias Harris leaves assuming Drummond is back. He wasn’t.


Reggie Jackson gets flat out beat:

What did you see over the weekend set that makes your high or low?