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Britney Spears vs. Andre Drummond free-throw shooting contest for charity? Let’s do it

Who ya got?

Andre Drummond might be the world’s best rebounder, with quick hands and the ability to jump out of the gym, but he’s famous for struggling at the free-throw line.

Britney Spears is famous for ... well, a lot of reasons. Some good, some not so good. But what she is not famous for his her basketball acumen.

The international pop star impressed her fans with a recent tweet showing off her bball skills.

The form’s not perfect (rarely said about Ms. Spears, I’m sure), but it’s hard to argue with the results. Spears actually played point guard in high school at Parklane Academy in Mississippi.

It was inevitable that a challenge would be made.

Luckily, Andre Drummond is a good sport. Challenge accepted.

I smell the perfect opportunity for an offseason charity event to help the Special Olympics. Perhaps an event around the Pistons’ new home in downtown Detroit. What do you think, Mr Drummond and Ms. Spears?