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Tobias Harris about Marcus Morris’ expletive-filled tirade: ‘He’s going to need to go to church with me’

Morris spoke up after his team was down big against the Cavs

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Toronto Raptors Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Morris is probably the current Piston with most Bad Boy blood running through his veins. He’s a serious dude, and while he doesn’t speak up often, he will speak out when he needs to.

After the Pistons fell down big early against the Cavs, Morris had had enough. It was time to speak. But what did he say? Only his teammates know for sure, but according to Tobias Harris, it was NSFW.

Per Rod Beard at the Detroit News:

“He said, ‘Bleep, bleep, bleep,’— a lot of F-bombs in there. He’s going to need to go to church with me on Sunday,” Harris said. “He definitely set the tone for the team and it’s no secret that right after that, the group that went out there the lead started changing.

While Morris might have some penitence to make this weekend, whatever he said worked. The Pistons notched one of their most impressive wins of the season against the defending champion Cavaliers.

You do you, Marcus.