First Official DBB Detroit Meet Up

So we had our first official DBB Detroit Meetup. Was a fun time:

meet up 2

mophatt1, prava88, me, sauce

prava88 AKA Ryan "links" Pravato drove almost an hour to get there which was fantastic. Got to meet mophatt1/Michael "high/low" Snyder as well. Both great funny knowledgeable guys. And of course sauce77/Christopher Saucier and Heidi /Mrs Sauce and cousin Tom came along again. Tom was being strong-armed into encouraged to join DBB as he is quite the sportsophile in his own right.

We all agreed that very few of us had people in our inner circle that were anywhere near as batshit insane about the Pistons getting together again definitely had to happen, just the question of when and where. Bogartz is great but even when the volume was generously cranked up we couldn't hear much more than the squeaks of the shoes so we're up for suggestions. Mrs. Sauce suggested a place in Novi I couldn't remember so we'd be open to somewhere that might make it easier for some of the more far flung of you to join. We discussed the Lansing option which we were not against if it meant more people would be able to join but I don't know anything about that town so wouldn't know where to go.

Please let some suggestions for times and dates fly in the comments below. I'd be open to meeting up for at least one more regular season game and 100% for playoff games, especially the ones that fall on a weekend. These are the remaining weekend regular season games:

Friday March 17th vs Toronto
Sunday March 19th vs Phoenix
Friday March 24th @ Orlando
Friday March 31 @ Milwaukee
Friday April 7 @ Houston
Sunday April 9 @ Memphis

Look forward to seeing more of you next time...just found out mumblesaurus is practically a neighbor of mine in Indian Village!

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