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Luigi Datome — The Beard Who Lived

Datome gets lightning bolt-shaped cut and gets shoutout from JK Rowling

Luigi Datome on Facebook

Playing basketball overseas is no joke. Often, teams enter extremely hostile environments with fans looking out for blood. Sometimes, quite literally.

Former Detroit Pistons forward Luigi Datome experienced that first hand when his Fenerbache team beat Galatasary Odeabank, and angry Galatasary fans threw “hundreds of coins and tons of lighters,” according to Datome.

The Italian forward was struck in the head by an object, causing a sizeable gash on his forehead that happened to look like a lightning bolt. Datome posted the photo on his official Facebook page along with a #iloveharrypotterbutnotthatmuch hash tag.

He also encouraged his fans to tag the photo along with Harry Potter author JK Rowling. “It’s the only chance I have to know her,” Datome tweeted.

Within 24 hours, Datome had his wish.

Datome was a little star struck:

Nobody deserves to get hit with a projectile, but I’d say a victory, a cool scar and a shoutout from JK Rowling qualifies as a happy ending.