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Will Andre Drummond positively or negatively define the future of the NBA?

Unfortunately, we just don’t know right now.

NBA: Preseason-Detroit Pistons at Chicago Bulls David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Lists are usually pretty fun, unless they aren’t. I have a list for you all. It may not be what one would define as fun, but it could take your mind away from the Pistons-Nets game that took place Tuesday night. What?!? The Pistons also looked completely dysfunctional and disinterested Wednesday night against the Bulls, too.

Well, then scratch that. This list most certainly won’t take your mind away from the disaster that is becoming the Detroit Pistons 2016-17 season, as one of our very own Pistons is on the list at a spot that’s not exactly a cause for celebration or optimism.

The list, published on FoxSports, reveals 25 current NBA players under the age of 25 who will most define the future of the NBA (bold my emphasis):

As for who makes the cut as the top 25, we ranked the NBA's young players based on how big of an impact we think they'll make over the duration of their careers.

And not every impact will be positive. Some of these guys will leave lasting impressions on the Association because they sink entire franchises.


Andre Drummond is at No. 25. And here’s what is written:

Drummond has the skill, the tools and the coaching to be the NBA's very best defender. Whether he has the drive remains the question — and one Stan Van Gundy is going crazy trying to answer.

Lots to unpack for only a few sentences. Though, I believe most of DBB Nation already has its mind made up on how Andre will define the future of the league. So, I’ll gladly let all you smartypants-types have at it in the comments. Beat that dead horse! More! More! More!

Some other selections in the list of 25 include:

Thon Maker at No. 24

Buddy Hield at No. 22

Joel Embiid at No. 14

Jaylen Brown at No. 10

Nikola Jokic at No. 7

Kyrie Irving at No. 3

Rudy Gobert at No. 2

Karl-Anthony Towns at No. 1


Again, for the list check here. And do let us know how accurate you found the list to be.