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In loss to Bulls, Pistons show little effort

Prepare to be uninspired.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Chicago Bulls Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons lost to the Chicago Bulls Wednesday night by a score of 117-95, but it wasn’t like any other loss I can ever remember seeing. The Pistons as a whole couldn’t have looked any more discombobulated or disinterested. But mostly just incredibly disinterested.

A couple of individual players seemed to give decent effort, however the majority of players were just simply going through the motions. That spells doom for a team. And doomed is exactly what this team is right now.

If you want to be inspired in your ability, to lose all hope with this Pistons team for the rest of the season, then watch these following clips. In this case, less is more.


So much defensive suck happening in this clip. Where should I start?

First, no one tried to stop the ball – it would seem not too difficult of a task considering Nikola Mirotic was the ball handler. Nikola isn’t the quickest guy in the league, shall we say. I’ll always give credit when credit is due, though, he scored 28 points on 15 shots for the night.

Second, Reggie Jackson, as he tried to poke the ball out from behind Mirotic, cut off Andre in the process. Not that Andre Drummond was hustling much or anything.

Third, Marcus Morris and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope are just flat daydreaming. No excuse.

Fourth, Jon Leuer was way too worried about Lauvergne.

While Paul Zipser isn’t a particularly quick dude, he still made KCP look like Reggie Jackson here. Or in other words, KCP’s closeout was rec-ball quality. Even worse was the lack of help side defense. Zipser probably expected there to be no help, so heady play by him to take advantage.

Zipser made a decently strong drive to the hoop and then it looked like Drummond or KCP ever so slightly got a hand on the ball – and Zipser continued on, grabbing his errant shot and converting the easy score. At first look, it seems like a violation, as you can’t be the first to grab your own air-ball. As such, every Piston in the vicinity just stood there and ball watched. Even if you think it was a travel, play on until you hear a whistle.

The game was already over yet someone still needs to be within a half mile of a shooter. Just because you don’t play hard doesn’t mean the clock counts down any faster. Play hard, play smart.

Drummond tried to pretend that he cared about playing defense in this game. Instead it was such a fail. He can’t even cleverly pretend at this point.


The offense flat out stunk as well, mainly because of lots of quick jump shots, Drummond post-ups and Reggie Jackson dribbling exhibitions gone awry. Besides that though, it was rather decent. There’s no team chemistry anymore on offense it seems. But hey, putting in Boban and giving him the ball isn’t the worst idea in the world, is it?

Before I ramble on and on about player rotations, Stan Van Gundy and how the Pistons this season are dead to me, I’ll leave a couple of dandies for you.

Dandy number one:

Dandy number two:


I’ll say this much — at least there’s still some March Madness to look forward to.