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2017 NBA Draft: Terrance Ferguson’s high ceiling should get your attention

Don’t let anyone tell you Detroit can’t grab a great prospect with their first round selection.

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Basketball player highlights are funny and terrible all at the same time. Often times it’s an exercise in teasing the viewer at the potential of a player. And it works a fair amount of times. You can get wrapped up so tight in the fantasy of the highlights that you lose any sense of reality about anything having to do with the player. It’s an escape. It’s wonderful.

I guess what I’m also trying to say is: watch the highlights below of future NBA player Terrance Ferguson and don’t tell me you aren’t interested. Don’t tell me you don’t want to live in a world where Ferguson is ripping nets on dunks and threes and being the best damn player for your team (the Pistons I hope).

Back to last week, editor Keith Langlois wrote about some potential gems in the upcoming 2017 NBA draft. He reminded readers of 18-year-old (he turns 19 in May) shooting guard prospect and probable mid-first round draft pick Terrance Ferguson’s little detour to get to this point.

He was headed for Arizona when questions about his college eligibility steered him to a pro season in Australia. At 6-foot-7, as measured at last spring’s Nike Hoop Summit, Ferguson has two qualities that entice scouts: a 3-point stroke and athleticism.

As stated, Ferguson is a good bet to be drafted mid-first round give or take a few spots — in the general vicinity of where the Pistons are expected to have their pick. Even if the Pistons hang on to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, what’s the issue with drafting another (hopefully better in the long run) shooter? It will take some time with Ferguson, but Detroit needs offense and sometimes you have to take a risk to make it big. #freedarko

It should be noted that Ferguson’s stats in 30 games for the Adelaide 36ers left a lot to be desired in many facets, yet on the other hand he showed promise, maturity and overall blended in quickly with the team. Here are some thoughts on Ferguson via during the middle of the Australian National Basketball League’s season:

Coach Joey Wright has trusted the 18-year-old in close games, leaving him on the floor down the stretch on a number of occasions. This is a testament to Ferguson’s basketball IQ. He seems to understand the offence well, and is positioned correctly on the floor the vast majority of the time. He is averaging just one turnover per game, an impressive feat for a player as young as he is, and coach Wright has been impressed.

“Terrance in four years will be a standout in the NBA,” Wright said recently.

Now to those highlights.


What is encouraging is the consistent fluidity of Ferguson’s shot. He seems to be ahead of the game in that respect. And his extension and follow through are textbook or very close to it as far as I can see, no matter if it’s off the catch-and-shoot or off-the-dribble. If you are wondering, Ferguson has a 6’9.5 wingspan.

Ferguson also normally does a good job of having control of his body as he goes up for his jump shots -- there’s not a lot of off-balanced gyrations happening. With the below two clips you’ll surely notice he collects himself in that split second of time and goes up straight and steady — this is good to see as young players should be developing sound habits. Save those off-balanced fadeaways and such for when you are a bonafide star with the Pistons in three or four years.

Ferguson is deemed by some as just a 3-and-D specialist, however I see him already showing some telling clues that he could be so much more. He seems to have a good eye, quick instincts and a developing dribble-drive game, so let’s hope it all points toward him being more than just a jump shooter in the NBA.

The word bouncy is thrown around to describe Ferguson’s athleticism. You be the judge.


What’s your call on Terrance Ferguson? Should Detroit draft him if he’s available? What about the KCP situation? WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT KCP?