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Four Pistons seen on leaked photo of offseason Magic trade targets

The Orlando Magic might have accidentally revealed their offseason priorities — oops.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Detroit Pistons Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Orlando Magic are one of the most disappointing teams in the NBA. After a disastrous offseason trade for Serge Ibaka didn’t pan out, the team looks likely to blow it up all over again as it searches to find a direction and regain relevance.

The team might have accidentally revealed their specific offseason trade targets, however, as a photo from inside the team’s facility appears to show a white board with dozens of trade and free agency targets at the forward position — including four Pistons.

The Magic and Pistons were linked often near the NBA trade deadline as rumors of a Reggie Jackson to Orlando trade swirled. No deal was consummated, but if the talks were legitimate you have to imagine that both teams got a sense of how the other valued their assets.

That is why it’s interesting to see on a list of “hybrid trade” targets and “spread bigs trade” targets, the names Stanley Johnson, Tobias Harris, Marcus Morris and Jon Leuer all appear.

The information came courtesy of a tweet from Carlos Prunes, who was photographing his client, Patricio Garino, signing a contract with the Magic. Behind Garino in the photo was a whiteboard with 60 names visible covering possible trade and free agent targets. Uproxx noted the accidental leak of internal info and blew up the whiteboard for your reading pleasure.

The name that is likely to garner the most press is that, per the board, the team seems willing to ship out Aaron Gordon for Dario Saric. But, screw that, we’re a Pistons blog and we care about the four Pistons listed.

The white board covered only forwards, and it could be a simple brainstorming session. Still, presuming the team still has some interest in Jackson and they cared enough to list out four current Pistons as possible trade targets, a deal seems feasible. At least, if Detroit finds something they’re interested in in return.

I just hope the Magic don’t find out that Leuer is shooting under 23 percent from 3 over the past two months.