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Ben Wallace and Rasheed Wallace joined Kevin Garnett on Area 21

Ben and Rasheed both seem to be doing fine.

Pacers v Pistons Photo by Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images

If you are not familiar with NBA on TNT’s Area 21, a segment hosted by Kevin Garnett, then you are missing out. All the way back in November of 2016 I mentioned in a links post that Rasheed Wallace was Garnett’s very first guest on the segment. Since then Rasheed has appeared quite a lot with Garnett in studio, and as you can imagine, it’s good for some hearty laughs. As I haven’t checked in on Area 21 very much these months, I’m just now catching up on many of the segments with KG and Sheed talking hoops and whatever else is on KG’s mind.

Earlier this week on Monday, Ben Wallace, Rasheed Wallace and rapper 2 Chainz joined Garnett to talk and generally have a good time.

Here are a few clips of the shenanigans.

Cleveland seems to be the pick to take the East:

I’m still not sure if 2 Chainz was high or it’s just how he normally is:

Ben, Rasheed and Kevin talk about this summer’s free agency. Ben believes in Patty Mills.

And who could forget Ben and his remote control car racing love (plus Sheed’s love of drones):


A few weeks ago Tayshaun Prince and Isiah Thomas dropped by Area 21 to talk with Garnett — it’s worth a watch:


Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.