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Ron Marshall Memorial Mock Draft 2017: The Teams

Lets find out who’s running who into the ground.

After a bit of a shaky start, we’ve secured enough participation to get the Ron Marshall Memorial Mock Draft off the ground for 2017. Basically, we have 25 participants this year. Because every team needs to be filled, some participants will have 2 teams, as indicated on the signup page. I’ve decided to double up teams by giving each person who wished to have 2 teams one team without a first round pick this year, to avoid someone having both the Sixers and the Celtics, for example.

Without further ado, here’s the 25 initial teams. There is one team in here without a first round pick (the Rockets), so drawing them was extremely unlucky. The list is in seeded order (basically order of signup), so here we go.

1. RipHamiltonTUR - Utah Jazz

2. RyanCaldwell - Phoenix Suns

3. majohnson19 - Detroit Pistons

4. bluecanti - Milwaukee Bucks

5. Justin Lambregtse - Brooklyn Nets

6. Jason Speirs - Portland Trail Blazers

7. GTPWTW - Toronto Raptors

8. ScottFL - Minnesota Timberwolves

9. Mike_Snyder - Oklahoma City Thunder

10. Awesome Hog - New Orleans Pelicans

11. The Boourns - Atlanta Hawks

12. jonathan.onne - Miami Heat

13. TRW24* - Sacramento Kings

14. Zinto - Indiana Pacers

15. bnumerich - New York Knicks

16. Vinayak Swaroop - Dallas Mavericks

17. BigJShaky - Orlando Magic

18. Jmo14277 - San Antonio Spurs

19. Lazarus Jackson - Chicago Bulls

20. Ryan Mathews - Los Angeles Lakers

21. Tootin’ Mahorn - Charlotte Hornets

22. vinamra swaroop - Boston Celtics

23. tnumerich - Philadelphia 76ers

24. Jamie Delancey - Denver Nuggets

25. Goose15 - Houston Rockets**

*TRW24 isn’t a Pistons fan, but he is a friend of mine who has had a bigger impact on this exercise than you realise. For those of you who played last year, he agreed to act as the Free Agency “Kaiser”, the player superagent who sifted through offers upon offers from you guys. He’s agreed to join the fun this year as a player, while I will assume his role.

**Unlucky to Goose, the Rockets are the one team in the initial pool without a first round pick.

Now, there are 5 teams left. I’ve randomised these as well. However, if there is a couple of late signups (i.e. after this is posted), then I will assign them one of these teams instead. I have a list of people in order of cancelling a second team, but as follows the list is:

26. bluecanti - Los Angeles Clippers

27. Jason Speirs - Washington Wizards

28. RyanCaldwell - Memphis Grizzlies

29. ScottFL - Golden State Warriors

30. RipHamiltonTUR - Cleveland Cavaliers

Now, one last thing before we kick off the madness. Last year, Awesome Hog admirably acted as my deputy commissioner, but with his work and life commitments he has stepped down from the role. Therefore, I am pleased to announce, as my new vice commissioner, Mr. Justin Lambregtse. Welcome aboard Mark Tatum, don’t mess this up.

All trading will happen in the trade war rooms in the fanposts, which can be found here. All details and rules of trading can be found there as well. As for now...

Good luck everybody, and LETS GET TRADING.