Ron Marshall Memorial Mock Draft 2017: War Room #1

The first of many trade war rooms. Basically, for anyone new to this process, here is the place where you negotiate trades with all other teams. It's always a good idea to introduce yourself and who you're representing first, as well as detailing any plans you might have, just so it doesn't get too clogged.

We'll probably end up using like 7 of these anyway.

All trades must be posted in the trade confirmation thread to be official anyway. I'll create that when people are ready, no need now. I'll approve all trades anyway so don't worry if you can't figure out CBA rules.

We're operating on the projected salary cap of $102 million, and things available for trade are:

- Contracted players

- Draft picks

You cannot trade:

- Impending free agents

- Players with a contract option

Any other questions just ask me below, I'll see it.

Happy trading.

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