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2017 NBA Finals: 10 Predictions about the NBA Finals

Prepare to be unimpressed, angry, in awe and bored

2017 NBA Finals - Practice and Media Availability Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Full disclosure — I know nothing. But it’s a funny thing while you wait what seems like a lifetime for basketball between the Conference and NBA Finals. You develop takes. And some of them are likely to be hot.

And I’m so damn bored waiting for basketball, I decided I might as well just share them with the world. I am fully willing to be ridiculed for these after they all blow up in my face.

Because, once again, I know nothing. Unless you’re talking about the new Twin Peaks, which I am totally all in on and can go DEEP on many theories.

10 Official Predictions Based on Zero Special Knowledge or Insight

  1. Warriors sweep the series 4-0 (not copping out and predicting a gentlemens’ sweep) and cement this postseason as among the most boring in recent NBA history.
  2. Warriors continue to cement their status as a dominant team with an inexplicable villain label and somehow Kevin Durant’s reputation will have suffered after winning his first NBA title.
  3. Draymond Green will dominate on defense and do one stupid thing that dominates headlines to an annoying degree, but otherwise keep himself out of the spotlight.
  4. Steph Curry will have an offensive explosion in a quarter that masks the fact that he also had eight turnovers.
  5. Kyrie Irving will play well, but not be anywhere near as offensively clutch as he was last offseason.
  6. Kevin Love will play at a B+ level in every game of the series but be on the wrong end of a few plays on defense that will drive NBA Twitter crazy.
  7. Klay Thompson will be good but not great in every game and fuel a weird narrative where Golden State fans, drunk in riches, will concoct annoyingly convoluted trade scenarios that have a zero percent chance of happening.
  8. One of the games will involve a combined score of more than 250 points.
  9. Mike Brown almost snatches defeat from the jaws of victory, but then Kevin Durant decides he’ll just take over a game and put it away.
  10. MVP - Steph Curry. LVP - Channing Frye. Media MVP — Doris Burke and Rachel Nichols. Media LVP - Any extended banter between Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy. Twitter Award — Brian Windhorst is going to attribute something to people close to LeBron James that is going to make everyone freak out.