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Andre Drummond repeats trade deadline eyes emoji tweet that set off speculation

It may be a long offseason.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Detroit Pistons Game Four Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Andre Drummond helped fuel speculation at the 2017 NBA trade deadline that he might be on the move thanks to his Twitter account. Just two days into the NBA offseason, he’s back at it.

As a reminder, Isaiah Thomas initially tweeted the emoji just before the Boston Celtics signed Al Horford. So when he again tweeted eye emojis with the Celtics in the midst of trade talk, he sent off a flurry on NBA Twitter. Drummond got into the action by retweeting Thomas and making an eye tweet of his own.

Nothing ended up happening with either the Celtics making a major move or with Drummond. But it was all very obnoxious.

Drummond responded to questions about his social media usage by saying, “I’m a grown man. I can change my profile if I want to. It doesn’t matter what time of year. If y’all want to speculate about that and me, go for it.”

Honestly, can we not? Sigh.

But while we’re at it, we might as well point this one out:

Yes, that’s a terrible Photoshop job of Drummond in a Celtics uniform, along with DeAndre Jordan and Russell Westbrook. And I guess Westbrook and Drummond will share a number or whatever. Yes, it’s ridiculous.

This all comes days after more rumors that the Pistons are examining the trade market for Drummond, along with Reggie Jackson. So naturally, speculation about Drummond’s status with the team are going to come up. Not to mention with a ton of assets and finishing as one of the worst rebounding teams in the league, the Celtics are a relatively natural fit as a Drummond trade partner.

Drummond followed up the eyes tweet with this:

Ok. Yes, Drummond is a grown man and can change his social media if he wants. But unfortunately “grown” isn’t synonymous with “mature.” And this type of stuff isn’t particularly mature.