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Reggie Bullock suspended 5 games for violation of anti-drug policy

The impending restricted free agent will miss the beginning of next season.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Reggie Bullock has been suspended for the first five games of next season due to a violation of the NBA’s anti-drug policy, according to Adi Joseph of USA Today.

Monta Ellis of the Indiana Pacers also received the same suspension. As the tweet says, the only violation of the policy that leads to a five-game suspension is marijuana. It could be a one-time thing that Bullock got caught doing, or it could something that he has been regularly doing and getting away with.

Getting suspended for anything is not a good look, but at least it is not for something like PEDs. Regardless of your opinion on weed and how bad it actually is, it is still an illegal substance.

Bullock’s future with the Pistons is already uncertain as he heads to restricted free agency. He is arguably the Pistons best shooter, but with the Pistons already up against the cap and also having to deal with the restricted free agency of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, it is not likely that Bullock is back.

Although this suspension could hurt his value a bit during free agency, this is a first-time offense for Reggie Bullock, so it might not be something that concerns teams too much.

If this suspension does happen to turn teams away, maybe the Pistons are able to bring back Bullock on a discounted deal.

Reggie Bullock is not the only Pistons player with recent legal issues, as Kentavious Caldwell-Pope was arrested for a DUI on March 30. While it is not known what kind of discipline Caldwell-Pope will receive from the league, neither of these issues are going to help either player as they head to restricted free agency.