Detroit Pistons Offseason

1. Baynes Opts out

2. Cut Hilliard

3. Qualifying offer to Reggie Bullock and KCP

NBA Draft

Draft Day Trade

Sacramento receives

Morris/Henry Ellenson

Pistons receives

10th pick/Arron Aflalo

10. Dennis Smith Jr

12. Lauri Markkannen

NBA Free Agency

This is a hard decision although I am not a big fan of KCP. Giving KCP $20-25M per is very questionable. He does play above avg D. It would have made it easier if he were consistent. 39 point outburst one night then can barely make 10 pts the next 10 games. Tying up the CAP with mediocre talent isn't great either though. So the decision is let someone else pay him. Teams interested are the Sixers, Suns, and Nets.

Sign and trade

Sixers receive

KCP 4 year 100M

Detroit receives

Lawawu/Lakers 2018 1st round pick

Free Agent Signings

CJ Miles/Willie Reed

Pistons Roster

Jackson/Smith Jr/Smith

I want to trade Reggie Jackson not just because his play last year but his long term fit for this team. Hopefully he plays his value back up and Detroit can trade him by Mid Season. It will be a fierce competition between him and Smith Jr. If this team is coached correctly and SVG allows some of the young guys to play.

Pistons starters




Markkannen (He may not be ready but let's find out)



Smith Jr








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