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2017 NBA Trade Rumors: Reggie Jackson, E’Twaun Moore trade discussed

Moore coming off disappointing season in New Orleans after signing big deal in free agency

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit and New Orleans have discussed a potential trade that would send Reggie Jackson to the Pelicans and E’Twaun Moore and Alexis Ajinca to the Pistons, according to Basketball Insiders.

It’s difficult to gauge why either team would pull the trigger on this trade. Jackson is a ball dominant point guard who wouldn’t fit alongside recently re-signed Jrue Holiday, and it makes no sense for the Pelicans to invest so much in a backup.

The Pistons, meanwhile, might have had more a need for Moore at the dawn of free agency when there were questions about the future of restricted Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and before Detroit signed the Moore-like Langston Galloway to be a 3-point shooter and defender on the wing.

However, it must be said that this is not the first time the Pelicans have reportedly been interested in Jackson. In February, Jake Fischer of Sports Illustrated reported that the Pelicans had mulled putting together a trade package for Jackson.

That would have been before the Pelicans committed $126 million to Holiday, of course.

Jackson is coming off a terrible season where he was sidelined to being the year with knee tendonitis and never fully recovered his burst and athleticism. This meant his typical pick-and-roll game driving to the rim was ineffective and his defense went from bad to cover your eyes and hide the women and children level.

Moore is also coming off of a disappointing season after signing a big four-year, $34 million deal with the Pelicans after a couple promising seasons off the bench in Chicago.

Moore started 22 games, but eventually lost his gig as the Pelicans scuffled to begin the season. An undersized two guard, More attempted one-third of his shots from 3 and hit at a rate of 37 percent.

Jackson is set to make $16 million this season, $17 million next season and $18 million after. It seems the only way to interpret this possible deal would be as mostly a salary dump.

If healthy, a big if, Jackson is clearly the superior player and after bringing on Avery Bradley, drafting Luke Kennard and re-signing Reggie Bullock, I’m not sure it would make any sense to add Moore and his three remaining years into the mix.

From a point guard perspective, it would leave the Pistons relatively thin. Ish Smish was a capable lead guard while Reggie was injured last season, but it was also a career year for Smith. And the only other backup on the roster would be Langston Galloway who can shoot the rock and defend but isn’t much of a facilitator and can’t get into the lane to save his life.

What are your thoughts, DBB?