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Conversations with DBB

We all spend a lot of time here, so it’s about time we got to know each other better, no?

It’s that time of year again. No games, no free agency...

No b-ball.

At all.

To keep us marginally sane, we have an idea and we are going to need your help.

The idea is an interview/conversation series. This is where we come to grips with the fact that we’re in this together - the writers of Detroit Bad Boys and the faithful members of the comment thread. We’ve all been there, checking to see if there are any new comments. This habit (addiction maybe?) is real, and is oftentimes debilitating.

Need. More. News.

But we’re all in this together, so why not get to know each other better? What we’re proposing is a sort of conversation between a die-hard member of the comment thread and a member of the DBB writers. I had thought of it being a set of questions sent to a comment thread regular to get to know their story, but then realized that our writers’ stories have some interest too, so why not make it more a conversation than an interview?

The way this will work is that, in the comment thread (how fitting), I’d ask anyone willing to be a part of a one-on-one conversation to let us know. The fun here is that you all can request who you’d be conversing with. I don’t know the ins and outs, but I know there are some heated exchanges happening. If, and I’m just coming up with this, you’d rather have a conversation with another comment thread member, you go ahead and let that be known. We will sort all of this out as it comes.

Oh yeah, and if you’re willing and brave enough to have this happen on air, in our amazing podcast, please specify that as well.

If not the podcast then we’ll conduct this back and forth over an email thread. Once we figure out the logistics I’ll post my email and we’ll go from there.

So, as a recap... if you’d be interested in being part of this please say so in the comments below. Let us know who you’d like to have this conversation with and whether you’d be open to doing it on a podcast.

And please, don’t be shy!