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Pistons will have ‘world’s largest’ scoreboard

Yes, even bigger than the new scoreboard they installed at the Palace of Auburn Hills

Photo courtesy of Daktronics

The Detroit Pistons and the Detroit Red Wings will unveil the largest center-hung scoreboard in the world when Little Caeasars Arena opens next season.

If you thought the new scoreboard the Pistons debuted in 2014 was big well ... this one is actually marginally bigger.

Daktronics, who made the scoreboard for Tigers Stadium in 2012 and the new board at the Palace of Auburn Hills in 2014 is building the new scoreboard in Little Caesars Arena as well, the company announced Monday.

The 5,100-square-foot scoreboard will feature 11 million LEDs. That will be joined by undermounted video displays as well as full wraparound high definition displays througout the arena.

Altogether the full display system will feature 16.5+ million LEDs and measure 13,500 square feet.

Each side of the center display will measure 28 feet high and 43.5 feet wide. The undermount displays will measure 7 feet high and 9.5 feet wide.

"Little Caesars Arena will give fans the best entertainment experience available, including this incredible scoreboard and display system from Daktronics," said Tom Wilson, president and CEO of Olympia Entertainment, in a media release. "Today fans have very high expectations for the size and quality of displays and the information they provide. This system will exceed fan expectations in the seats, in the concourse and in new spaces like the expansive Chevrolet Plaza. Fans seated in the ends of the arena will experience the same size display as those seated on Little Caesars Arena sidelines, an amenity that few other arenas offer today."

The video board that was installed at the Palace of Auburn Hills featured main displays that measured 24 feet high and 42 feet wide with slightly smaller displays on both ends as well as undermount displays.