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Detroit Pistons Top 10 Plays of the season

Get one last look at the highs of the 2016-17 season

Fans will not look back fondly on the Detroit Pistons’ 2016-17 season. A year of disappointment, team discord and another year out of the playoffs. I’m sure many are just looking to forget the whole thing ever happened.

But there were some bright spots last season, and I’d wager that if the Pistons are actually able to get their act together this upcoming season that we will look back with fondness at last year.

It won’t be about unfulfilled promise and instead will just be a bump in the road on the way to something better. After all, it’s the last season we got to experience Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (drafted by Detroit to much derision at the time) and Marcus Morris (pilfered from the Phoenix Suns for practically nothing).

A breakdown of what you’ll see

  • 2 Ish Smith reverse glasser (and got its)
  • 2 Tobias Harris dunks
  • 1 Reggie Jackson dunk
  • 1 Andre Drummond dunk - off a Reggie save
  • 1 Reggie Jackson crossover
  • 1 Kentavious Caldwell-Pope circus shot
  • 1 Andre Drummond three-quarters court heave
  • 1 Morris-on-Morris crime as Marcus gets the game-winner