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Luke Kennard missing from NBA rookie photo so we drew him in

Photoshop skills -- advanced

Today was the NBA rookie photo shoot in New York. Rookies get together for photos, some frivolity, and they take part in interviews, print some rookie cards, sign memorabilia.

In the best-case scenario a player becomes a star and we get to look back and laugh at what they looked like as young babes.

There is also an official rookie photo, where all the highest picks get together for a big group portrait.

What a great photo. Notice anything weird, though? No, it’s not that they gave the ball to No. 2 pick Lonzo Ball instead of No. 1 pick Markelle Fultz. It’s that the photo is missing Detroit Pistons lottery pick Luke Kennard.

And we know he was there because we’ve got ample video and photo evidence.

Here is his official Panini Rookie Card

Here he is taking the official rookie survey.

Here he is ... juggling? Yeah, sure, why not. He’s juggling!

But he’s not in the official rookie photo. This is the biggest case of Detroit Vs. Everybody I’ve ever seen. And if there is a reasonable, rational explanation then I don’t want to hear about it. I like to have chips on my shoulder and be irrationally angry on the internet.

Yes, it’s a grand conspiracy. No recognition for a lottery pick from Detroit. They’re trying to hold us down.

But, the NBA doesn’t have to worry. I spent minutes carefully learning the ins and the outs of Photoshop and have added Kennard into the picture. He now takes his rightful place in the part of the picture I could find some negative space.

And yes, this is a drawing. Despite the photorealism I did not simply crop a picture and paste it onto this other image -- as if that’s even possible.

If you can think of some fun ways to add Luke Kennard into the rookie photo I’d love to see it. Just share it on Twitter using the hashtag #WheresLukeKennard.

Can you spot Luke Kennard in this photo?