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DBB on 3: Wut?

Things are way slow here in NBAland so we thought it would be fun to talk about some semi-to-very ridiculous ideas.

We’re scratching our heads here, trying to come up with things to discuss on DBB on 3, news in the NBA at large that in any way relates to the Pistons.

Well, there was a rumor about the Pistons having interest in Kyrie, which is directly related, there’s the first topic.

Then there was the news that Doc RIvers was dropped to coach only, which is indirectly related seeing as how Stan is GM/coach still. Topic two.

But we still needed a third topic. So why not make one up that’s entirely ludicrous. Check. Topic three.

Let’s get started.

1 - Directly related - Kyrie Irving: yes or no and if yes what price?

Jacob Kuyvenhoven: Yeah, sure. I really hate the flat earth stuff and don't want to root for Kyrie, and it would be hard to match salaries. But I'd still take him. Our roster is so salary-bloated it's hard to come up with a cap-legal trade that the Pistons should definitely decline. Maybe Kyrie for Harris and our 2019 unprotected first-rounder would work? I couldn't see the Pistons keeping all of Kyrie/Jackson/Ish so maybe Ish and Richard Jefferson can be in the deal too.

Ben Gulker: No. Going by all respected stats - win shares, on/off, wins produced - Irving is below average to good-but-not-great. He's prototypical Yay Points! ( He isn't worth a max, and he's surely not worth what it would take to get him.

Justin Lambregtse: Yes, as long as the deal doesn't involve Andre Drummond or Stanley Johnson (basically impossible).

Kevin Sawyer: Yes, if it gets us out of Reggie Jackson's contract. But that would probably also cost us Drummond. Irving is a very overrated player, whose sole real skill is reasonably efficient volume. I suspect he won't be able to maintain that being the number one option offense, which would make him a net negative.

Michael Snyder: In a heartbeat. Nationally, NO ONE cares about the Pistons, Kyrie instantly changes that. The kids love him, Uncle Drew, fun to watch, buckets - give me all of that. I'll pull some strings and get him priority seating - anytime he wants it - at The Clawson Steakhouse if he retires a Piston. Reggie, Drummond, first round pick.

Lazarus Jackson: Sure. But you have to take Reggie Jackson (or find a third team so that there's no Reggie-Kyrie locker room sniping), Detroit has to hold onto Andre Drummond, and you get EITHER Stanley Johnson or a future pick, not both. I'd be willing to take Iman Shumphert's dreadful contract to get it done, though.

Ryan Pravato: Yes -- Kyrie is 25-years-old. He's already had a ton of success and he's not anywhere close to approaching 30! While perhaps it's not crazy (read: insane) to mark him has overrated in some fashion, even if he is... he's still one of the top guards in the world. Reggie Jackson must be part of the deal... and if Drummond is too then Tristan Thompson also has to be coming to Detroit. If possible Stanley and Tobias stay put. Other players can be thrown in for other reasons such as Leuer, Ellenson and Shumpert.

Ken Wallace (revken): Yes to Kyrie Irving, if the core price is something like Drummond and Jackson for Irving and Thompson. I assume that we'd have to add in another player and maybe a pick, too, if it's a straight-up trade. I think that's the most we can do.

David Fernandez: Kyrie? Strong yes. I'd be willing to move Drummond, Jackson and a future first round pick if Thompson was involved in the deal. Drummond and a first round pick OR a combo of Jackson and Johnson (or Ellenson) for Irving straight up.

Jamie Delaney: You have to say yes to Kyrie unless you're the Warriors. He's too good offensively to not consider. But it is interesting to see the debates on him surfacing around NBA Twitter. Seems like the point guard bubble has burst IMO. As for the Pistons, I'd be willing to move anyone besides Drummond to get him here. To me, it doesn't make sense to move both Reggie and Andre to get Kyrie - we then become a poor man’s Oklahoma City Thunder.

Steve Hinson: Hell yes. Whatever it'd take. Especially since the starting point would be Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond for Tristan Thompson and Irving. That would be such a huge upgrade at both spots that it'd be worth whatever ancillary parts that needed to be included. I'd be willing to go as far as including Stanley Johnson, Henry Ellenson, a draft pick, and a swap. That'd be a ton to give up and I like Johnson and Ellenson. But looking at them objectively, they're not premium talents nor those future back-half of the first round picks. Letting them get in the way of acquiring a premium talent like Irving and an underrated one like Thompson would be a mistake.

2 - Indirectly related - Steve Ballmer checked Doc Rivers, put him back to coach only. You're Tom Gores, do you do the same with Stan?

Jacob Kuyvenhoven: Probably not, I'm not sure what that accomplishes for the Pistons. If I'm getting some kind of awesome GM I'd much rather have that GM pick the coach than ride it out with Stan as a lame duck. I'd give SVG one more year/offseason and then fire him if the team disappoints or Bradley leaves.

Ben Gulker: No. Let SVG work through this year, at minimum. If they don't make the Playoffs this season, then move on completely. SVG's coaching has been his weakness. No sense keeping that around if he doesn't have control of the roster.

Justin Lambregtse: No, because I think he has done a better job as an executive than he has as head coach.

Kevin Sawyer: I don't think SVG has been as ridiculous as Rivers, whose blatant nepotism pretty much torpedoed the franchise, or Tom Thibodeau, who sent Rubio packing because he didn't trust him and overpaid Taj Gibson because he does. That said, he has a propensity to overpay players and the failure to address the problem with inefficient shooting was certainly troubling, since his system relies on it. He is a plus coach simply by virtue of installing a strong defensive scheme, so keeping him in the position makes sense. I think this year will tell Gores what he needs to know.

Michael Snyder: If anything, I'd do the opposite: full time President.

Lazarus Jackson: Nah. Stan listens to Jeff Bower, so I'm not worried about the usual critique of a Coach/PoBo (short-term thinking).

Ryan Pravato: No. But I would ask myself this question again in May of 2018.

Ken Wallace (revken): I think Stan has done a better job as the GM than he has as a coach. For now I'm content to keep him at best jobs.

David Fernandez: Let Stan see what he can do with the new roster; if the team has a respectable win percentage north of fifty percent next season, then I'd keep him in his dual role. If the team looks like they did last season or somehow worse *shutters, I think it might be time to pull the plug.

Jamie Delaney: I believe Jeff Bower is more instrumental in Stan navigating the GM/POBO waters than anyone Roc Divers had. I actually think GM Stan has done an incredible job navigating the trade market compared to other mid-market teams, I think if Tommy G is gonna check any alter ego, it might have to be Head Coach SVG.

Steve Hinson: Hell no. The best organizational structure is for the general manager to report to the coach. Any other route creates a convoluted sense of who is responsible for what. Is the problem talent or how the talent is used? With the coach as the president of basketball operations, the buck stops at a clear point. If it doesn't work, there's no question as to who gets fired. Everyone. Taking the incremental step of going back to the traditional hierarchy is simply ownership being indecisive and pushing off the inevitable. Honestly, does anyone really see Doc Rivers as the coach of the Clippers three years from now?

3 - Wut? - LeBron decides he'd consider Detroit as his final team. Yes or no? Consider homerism here. Would you as a Piston fan be OK with him finishing his career here?

Jacob Kuyvenhoven: The only thing more insane than LeBron wanting to finish his career in Detroit is a Pistons fan not welcoming him.

Ben Gulker: Of course. I will always hate the premature celebration in Miami, but winning covers a multitude of sins.

Justin Lambregtse: Hell yes, and if you say no then you have a ridiculous bias against LeBron and you are lying to yourself.

Kevin Sawyer: Of course. I like winning.

Michael Snyder: In a heartbeat. Nationally, NO ONE cares about the Pistons, LeBron instantly changes that. The kids love him, The King, fun to watch, buckets - give me all of that. I'll pull some strings and get him priority seating - anytime he wants it - at The Clawson Steakhouse if he retires a Piston.

Lazarus Jackson: ... I guess? It'd be VERY strange for LeBron to want that, though.

Ryan Pravato: Yes. Over the last three or four years I've warmed to LeBron -- before that I didn't like the guy much. He's matured a lot and overall seems like a good guy and teammate. He will be 33 this winter so it's tough to say how many MVP caliber type seasons he has left in him.. 2?.. 3?

What it comes down to is winning and if LeBron somehow wanted to be in Detroit then that pretty much assures that the Pistons are Finals contenders. If you have a problem with LeBron on your team, that then you probably need to get over yourself. (permanently ducks)

Ken Wallace (revken): Yes, I would gladly welcome LeBron. We'd be fools not to welcome a guy who is certainly one of the greatest players ever.

David Fernandez: LeBron James is far and away my favorite basketball player. Hell yes to LBJ in Detroit.

Jamie Delaney: God no. This would be like opening a brand new, state-of-the-art-arena and then having a dated country-rock act booked for 6 days straight (oh wait). Point is, it would be a short-sighted growth hack to borrow a tech bro term. For sure a fantastic marketing move. Pistons would sell a ton of jerseys and tickets, but I can't think of something that I would hate more in terms of long term franchise development. And I'm not even a LeBron hater.

Steve Hinson: Hell, I guess. I don't like LeBron James and I'm not a fan of superstar driven teams. But he's really good at playing basketball.


What did you think? Kyrie a Piston? SVG out as coach and/or GM? LEBRON A PISTON?!?

Please copy/paste the questions and provide your opinions below!

1. Kyrie Irving: yes or no and if yes what price?

2. Steve Ballmer checked Doc Rivers, put him back to coach only. You're Tom Gores, do you do the same with Stan?

3. LeBron decides he'd consider Detroit as his final team. Yes or no? Consider homerism here. Would you as a Piston fan be ok with him finishing his career here?

Bonus question: If Lebron decides to join the Pistons will it only be because we signed Kyrie to a long term contract and he wants to see the look on Kyrie’s face?