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Who do you need to see on Pistons All-Time team in NBA 2K18?

Who would make your all-time starting 5?

Isiah Thomas

Admit it, you miss hoisting 3s with Rasheed Wallace. And you’ve always wanted to blow by James Harden with Isiah Thomas. Well, I have good news for you — NBA 2K18 is adding 30 all-time teams and that means we will get the All-Time Detroit Pistons.

That begs the question, however, of who makes the cut and who doesn’t.

And if you had to limit the Pistons’ rich history, with three NBA titles and a boatload of Hall of Fame worthy players, to a starting 5, who would you pick?

Here is my best attempt at predicting the starting 5 for the Detroit Pistons.

Point Guard -- Isiah Thomas

I am too young to have enjoyed Thomas in his prime, and his game is not terrifically well-suited for today’s NBA, but that doesn’t matter. Thomas is the choice at point guard simply by virtue of being the face of Detroit’s Bad Boys dynasty.

Middling efficiency, relatively short career, blah blah blah. Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Nineteen Ninety Eight. Sprained ankle. Forty three points, eight assists and six steals in one of the all-time great Finals performances ever. All I know is there would be no Piston more FUN to play with in NBA 2K18 than Thomas.

Shooting guard -- Joe Dumars

I could have cheated here and went with Chauncey Billups, an underrated superstar who deserves recognition, but I can’t rightfully slight Dumars. He was Robin to Thomas’ Batman, and he did all the little things you need to gut out a Title. Dumars giving no quarter at the point of attack is forever burned into my brain, and he was no slouch on offense, either.

Small Forward — Grant Hill

Hill was the bridge between the two championship eras in Detroit, and while you could make the case for a young Dennis Rodman, thinking about how today’s NBA teams would be constructed, I think it makes more sense to go with Hill here. He was perhaps the most versatile offensive player to ever don a Pistons jersey. The biggest argument against Hill would be that his tenure was a brief six years, and injures marred his career. Still, if we’re thinking about creating a team that would be endless fun to play in NBA 2K18, I want a young Hill on the wing.

Power Forward -- Dennis Rodman

We’re going a little small-ball for the power forward spot and going with The Worm. With such skilled offensive players on the perimeter, I want to maximize versatile defense with Rodman sucking up rebounds, switching on defenders, blocking shots and being a general bad ass.

Pacers v Pistons Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Center — Ben Wallace

In a battle of representation for the Going to Work title team, you have to go with Big Ben Wallace, free throws be damned. Another switchy, versatile defender who will rule the paint. I also need to see that giant fro rendered in a modern game.


Guards — Dave Bing, Chauncey Billups, Richard Hamilton, Vinnie Johnson

Bing and Billups are obvious selections here, and Hamilton isn’t far behind. Picking the Microwave might be slightly sentimental as there are plenty of Pistons wings from the 50s and 60s who rate higher, but I’m combining what I’ve seen, what I’ve loved and the symbolism of needing the ultimate bench players on the team.

Forwards -- Rasheed Wallace, Tayshaun Prince, Jerry Stackhouse

Again, no offense to George Yardley and Bailey Howell, but I’m going with what I know here, and we need Sheed on this team. Likewise, Prince deserves a spot for being an ultimate glue guy and long-armed defender with a decade-plus spent in a Pistons uniform.

Stackhouse beats out Dave DeBusschere, Kelly Tripucka, John Salley and Antonio McDyess for the last spot on the bench because he was a great bucket-getting who had a great NBA career, and his best years were spent in a Pistons uniform.


Center — Bob Lanier, Bill Laimbeer

It’s comical what an embarrassment of riches the Pistons have all-time at the center position in Ben Wallace, Rasheed Wallace, Bill Laimbeer, Bob Lanier and Larry Foust. We’ve shifted Sheed into a power forward role so that we can make way for Lanier and Laimbeer.