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Birthday boy Boban Marjanovic turns 29 today

And it could be the best year of his basketball playing life.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Sacramento Kings Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Pistons backup center Boban Marjanovic celebrates his 29th birthday today. For your birthday, Mr. Marjanovic gets to actually play meaningful minutes in NBA basketball games.


Credit: Boban’s Instagram

I think I speak for most Pistons fans when I say that year 29 for Boban has a strong chance to be phenomenal on the basketball court (and, let’s be real, anywhere else Boban so chooses). When he dreamed of playing in the NBA, this upcoming season is probably what he envisioned.

If you haven’t been following much Pistons off-season news, you may have missed where Stan Van Gundy said that Boban will be playing much more frequently than he did last season. About time! Lucky for Detroit, Boban’s a force and the whole league is going to witness his coming out party this season.

Credit: Boban’s Instagram

Not only is Boban going to be one of the best bench players in the NBA, but with all of his increase in playing time he’s going to potentially usher many other NBA big men out of the league, by just merely standing next to them much like he did to Mr. Tyler Hansbrough back in the 2015-16 season. See, Tyler didn’t play in the NBA last season and likely won’t be playing in the NBA this season either, as he’s planning to play in China. I don’t think Tyler is ever coming back.

Lastly, what better way to celebrate the big fella’s birthday than to listen to some of his advice. Take it away, Boban:


Boban, if you are reading, know that all the writers and fans at Detroit Bad Boys wish you the best of birthdays!

Here is the Happy Birthday song in Serbian (apparently):

Danas nam je divan dan, divan dan, divan dan,

našem Boban Marjanovic, rođendan, rođendan, rođendan,

živeo, živeo, i sretan nam bio,

živeo, živeo, i sretan nam bio!

If you see Boban today, remember to serenade him.