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Rasheed Wallace unleashes a classic quote in defense of Zach Randolph allegedly having a lot of weed

Randolph was arrested on felony drug charges with an intent to sell; Wallace knows “for a fact” Randolph isn’t a drug dealer

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Philadelphia 76ers v Detroit Pistons, Game 2

Rasheed Wallace has a lot of great entries in the pantheon of awesome sports quotes, and he just added another.

In defense of his good friend and former teammate Zach Randolph, who was recently arrested in Los Angeles on a felony charge of marijuana possession with an intent to sell, Wallace unleashed an all-timer.

"It seems to be -- no matter who you are -- the bigger the paycheck, the bigger the party."

The bigger the paycheck, the bigger the party.

Love it. Never change, Rasheed Wallace, never change.

Randolph was arrested at what seems to be a party that spilled out into the street at the Nickerson Gardens project in Watts, with people listening to music, drinking and smoking, and having a good time.

Cops showed up during a patrol and broke up the festivities, eventually seizing two guns, narcotics and impounding two vehicles, according to ClickonDetroit.

Based on the charges, it appears the police are alleging Randolph was the owner of said narcotics.

While marijuana is legal in California for recreational purposes, possession of more than one ounce of weed could amount to felony possession with an intent to sell. Only facilities with a license are allowed to sell marijuana.

Now, Rasheed is no lawyer, and neither am I. But “the bigger the paycheck, the bigger the party” seems like a pretty tidy, open and shut defense. See, he was just trying to make sure everybody had a good time.

Again, I am not a lawyer. Only a lover of all things Sheed says and does.

For what it’s worth, Randolph’s actual lawyer, while not as colorful as Wallace, is pretty adamant in defense of his client.

“The charges are false and misleading,” Randolph’s agent and lawyer Raymond Brothers said on Thursday, per ClickonDetroit. “We’re looking at all options to resolve this matter.”

If things turn out in Randolph’s favor, I imagine Sheed has a good idea how he and his former Trail Blazer teammate can celebrate.