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Joe Dumars joins Independent Sports and Entertainment

The former Pistons great and GM will run the basketball division of the sports agency

Joe Dumars has himself a new job, although it is not as a general manager. Dumars has joined Independent Sports and Entertainment, according to the Associated Press.

Independent Sports and Entertainment is a New York-based agency that has more than 300 clients across the NBA, NFL, and MLB. A notable Independent client in the NBA is DeMarcus Cousins of the New Orleans Pelicans.

Dumars will run the basketball division of Independent, and he will not be an agent. This is the first job in basketball for Dumars since he stepped down as the President of Basketball Operations of the Pistons in 2014.

Dumars appears excited to embark on a new chapter of his career.

It is not known exactly this new positions entails, but whatever it is I am sure he will do a great job of it. Despite how his time ended with the Pistons with some questionable personnel decisions, he has always been an outstanding human and a great leader.

It is great to see Dumars back in basketball, and maybe this could lead to getting a 2nd chance as GM for another team sometime down the line if he still has interest in it.