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Luke Kennard no longer dating Savannah Chrisley, which was apparently a thing that happened

Clearly we are on the pulse of youth culture

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Detroit Pistons rookie Luke Kennard is no longer dating reality TV star Savannah Chrisley, best known for the show “Chrisley Knows Best.”

As an example of how I have my finger on the pulse of news items that would regularly appear in publications such as US Weekly, I had no idea the two were dating.

But apparently it’s over.

Chrisley and Kennard had a brief four-month relationship, apparently, and was with Kennard at the NBA Draft as well as his introductory press conference in Detroit. These are all known facts in the universe that completely escaped me.

Chrisley released a statement to E! News. Which is the kind of things reality TV personalities do when a four-month relationship ends, I guess.

Apparently, Chrisley had given hints at some discord via some cryptic social media posts, which I will not, as a professional obligation, be forced to go search for and find.


Ugh. I found them, I guess.

Maybe, maybe not related to our man Kennard.

Hmmmm, the cryptic retweet sending a message through your own father. Cold.

I’m almost positive this is some kind of next-level genius cypher. Still trying to crack its meaning.

As far as what Chrisley Knows Best is, what they did to get famous or what they do now with their celebrity status, I have no idea.

My knowledge of the show in its entirety -- I’ve seen snippets of commercials before I fast forward through commercials for Mr. Robot (a great show, despite some real struggles in season 2).

Also, I’ve occasionally seen the first 20 seconds of episodes as it was the show immediately following Playing House (a truly great show everyone should watch).

I think I saw Chrisley make a dumb bet with her brother once, and I have no idea what the be entailed. I’m sure there were shenanigans and hilarity in equal measure.

Lastly, I’d like to salute the website Page Six for some truly ace Photoshop work.

Page Six |