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Pistons all-time roster revealed for NBA 2K18

There are not too many surprises on this virtual Pistons roster.

Ever wanted to see how the best of each franchise would fare against each other? You want to see the Bad Boys team up with the Goin’ to Work Pistons? In the virtual world of NBA 2K18, it is now possible.

NBA 2K18 revealed their all-time roster for each franchise on their Facebook page today. It is simply a compilation of the 15 best players from each franchise as determined by the creators of NBA 2K18.

Here is the Pistons all-time roster:

NBA 2K18 Facebook Page

It is no suprise that the roster is filled with players from both the 1989 and 1990 Championship teams as well as the 2004 Championship team. Those are the three best teams in the history of the franchise and they deserve as much recognition as they can possibly get.

The inclusion of players like Bob Lanier, Dave Debusschere, and Dave Bing is understandable as these are players that embodied Detroit Basketball before the Bad Boys or Goin’ to Work crew.

Grant Hill in the starting line up makes a lot of sense. He only spent six years with the team, but was one of the best players in the league during that time before injuries derailed his career. Jerry Stackhouse was a great player when he played for the Pistons, but he also only spent four years on the team, so his inclusion could be questioned a bit.

The only quibble I have with this roster is the inclusion of Andre Drummond. I get NBA 2K18 wanting to have players from the modern roster. Plus, Andre Drummond has had a lot of involvement in the marketing of the NBA 2K franchise, but he has not earned a spot on the Pistons all-time roster right now. Yes, he is arguably the best rebounder in franchise history, but one All Star appearance and one trip to the playoffs in five years in the league does not warrant consideration for a spot on the Pistons all-time team, a franchise with such a rich history of great players.

If NBA 2K wanted at least one current player on the all-time roster then Andre Drummond’s inclusion makes complete sense as he is the only player on the current roster who even deserves consideration. At least he is only the 13th highest-rated player on the team.

Overall, I think NBA 2K did a very good job of compiling this team. They picked players from various high points in the franchise history and rated the players properly (I think Jerry Stackhouse is rated a bit too high, but that is just me).

What are your thoughts on this roster DBB? Do you think NBA 2K got it right? Who would you have on your all-time Pistons roster? Who is overrated on this roster?