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Conversations with DBB: Mike Snyder and Jeremy Jenkins

Another installment of our summer series...

Mike Snyder: Jeremy! What up?! First thing’s first, where are you from? And why on Earth are you a Pistons’ fan when there are 29 other viable options?

Jeremy Jenkins: Hey Mike!

I live in Livonia which is about 15-20 miles west of Detroit (I'm not sure if you're familiar with the area). When I was in elementary school, our school was giving free tickets away to see the Pistons and I jumped at them. My dad, brother, and I went to two games that year which just happened to be the 2003-04 season. We saw the Pistons play the Magic and the Grizzlies. In one of the those games I remember Chauncey hitting game-winning free throws. I didn't pay attention to the team again until the playoffs. The game that my dad happened to turn on was Game 5 of the Semifinals against the Nets where Chauncey hit the half court shot to send it to overtime. Needless to say, I was hooked. The ensuing playoff run (Guaransheed, Tayshaun's block, Championship) sealed the deal. My brother, Dan and I have been diehards ever since, even through these tough years. We try to go to multiple games a year and by far the best game I've ever been to was Game 4 against the Cavs last year.

Please tell me your story of where you're from and why you are a Pistons fan! Hope you're having a good day!

Jeremy Jenkins

Mike Snyder: Livonia? Do I need a passport to get there? Jokes – I love that side of town. Novi, Northville, Plymouth all very cool. You were in elementary school in the 2000s? Ahhh, to be young again. Yeah, I could see how that experience would jump start a fandom; that team took metro-Detroit by storm. We were this close to being back2back too. It’s a shame.

Now me? I live in Clawson but say Royal Oak when I’m trying to pick up babes and say Detroit when I’m out-of-state. I was a basketball contrarian growing up and rooted for whomever the Pistons were playing against. Probably not the most popular thing to say around these parts and I honestly didn’t start caring about Piston outcomes until after the ‘Going to Work’ crew. Always a fan of basketball but never the Pistons until recently. Hey, it takes some people a bit longer to grow up, you know?

How did you stumble across DBB?

Do you play basketball yourself?

Jeremy Jenkins: I think it might have two or three years ago that I started really following DBB. I can't remember how I found it exactly. I used to read Piston Powered more often but they kind of lost me when they redesigned their website to the point it's all ads now.

I do play basketball, mainly in my driveway. I played it a lot when I was younger but didn't make the cut for the freshman team so it's all been pretty casual pick-up games since, aside from a brief stint in intramural ball this past winter at U-M Dearborn

Mike Snyder: Pistons Powered? Sounds familiar….

Since most of my friends aren’t hoop heads I starting looking for an outlet and then boom – DBB. I play 2-3x per week and even at 35, I fully believe my best basketball days are in-front of me but that may be due to my rather large ego. I own a unique ability to keep both teams in the game that people just hate to play with but it’s cool, I’m looking out for mine when I’m on the court. I play in the early morning and if you think I’m getting up at 5 a.m. to make sure you get your “looks” you’re sadly mistaken.

What’s your favorite part about DBB and why is the correct answer ‘High/Low’?

What Pistons’ personality (past or present) is most like yours?

Jeremy Jenkins: Sounds like your game is modeled after Nick Young's! Jokes aside, I do really like High/Low! To be honest my favorite thing about DBB is just getting the community's take on each move we make or each game. I tend to have a pessimistic view on sports so it's nice to see other people's thinking.

In terms of which Piston I have a similar personailty to, I would say Rip Hamilton. We both come off pretty quiet at first but I know he and I have bit of a mouth on us.

How about you? Who would you compare yourself to? And what is the strongest aspect of your game? Killer three point shot?

Mike Snyder: It’s exactly like Nick Young. Great call. But when I get rollin’, watch out. Personality wise, I’d say I’m closest to Billups.

That’s why I enjoy DBB too, there are some seriously smart people that chime in and also guys like Sauce (I joke, love Sauce). I, too, tend to veer towards the glass is half empty and it’s always good to get picked back up.

Ok speed round (couple words max) then it’s a wrap!

Favorite basketball movie?

Favorite non-Pistons’ player?

Have you been to California?

Will Pistons make the playoffs next year?

Should they trade Drummond?

Best restaurant in Livonia?

Pistons’ teal or traditional colors?

Cats or dogs?

Hamburgers or hot dogs?

Do you hold it against Kevin Durant for going to Golden State?

Would you rather hang out with George Blaha or Greg Kelser?

Jeremy Jenkins:

White Men Can’t Jump

Kemba Walker or Zach Randolph




Can’t decide

Traditional Colors



Not at all. Westbrook would be a nightmare to play with.